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Warsaw by DocentX (2007) PART III

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Warsaw 'Praga' district

Some say that 'Praga' district is Warsaw's Bronx ;)

Warsaw’s eastern suburb, Praga, has long been regarded as off-limits to many visitors. Often painted as the bastion of the criminal underclass. The area is actually enjoying a snail-like renaissance, and as such offers visitors a combination of strange sights and sounds.

Spared from the World War II bombs that devastated the rest of the city, "Praga" has turn-of-the-last-century tenements and aging brown brick factories that are providing safe haven for actors and artists fleeing Warsaw's rising real estate prices.

For some people, Old Praga is more interesting than the Warsaw's Old Town because it is authentic.
Increasing numbers of artists, tourists and investors are putting a new face on an old district.

'Warszawa Wilenska' - modern shopping mall and train station - it used to be train station which linked Warsaw - Vilnius and St. Petersburg.

Orthodox Church of St. Mary Magdalene - constructed between 1867 and 1869 to a design by Mikołaj Syczew, St. Mary Magdalene’s was originally built for the large congregation of Russian souls living around Jagiellońska as well as people arriving from the East at the nearby Wileńska train station. Now belonging to the independent Polish Autokephalic Orthodox Church.

some other buildings - soory for the poor quality

Sts. Michael & Florian Cathedral - big neogothic church from 1901.

around the cathedral

Soviet War Memorial - dedicated to the Soviet soldiers who died during the ‘liberation’ of Warsaw. The Praga location follows the science of logic - this was where the Red Army halted their advance in 1944, while Nazi troops annihilated the western parts of town. It is possible that the monument will be moved soon. I personaly like the monument and in my opinion it should stay here as a piece of history.

some neglected streets

Targowa street - main street of Old "Praga" district

Zabkowska street - once slated to be demolished, has become more attractive over the past five years. Eventually renovation, as seen here on Zabkowska, will cover most of "Praga"district.

Koneser Vodka Factory - located in a complex of historically-listed buildings, the Koneser Vodka Factory has been producing the spirit since 1897.
The 5 hectare site (while retaining the old brick factory buildings), will be redeveloped and used mostly for art galleries and theatres, as well as apartments and lofts.

Brzeska street - said to be the most dangerous street in Warsaw :runaway:

Bazar Rozyckiego - Once regarded as Warsaw’s premier bazaar, the compact Bazar Rozyckiego has seen its popularity wane since 1989. Black market trade once thrived under Nazi and communist governments, nowadays the historic 102-year-old market is a ghostly image of its former self. Once considered the place for cardigans, firearms and spurious goods.

Coming back to Targowa street

Prague Madonnas and other religious signes - common view

Warsaw panorama as seen from Praga

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That's A EUROPEAN capital. Warsaw has got everithing, even orthodox church.
Nice pics!
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