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Warsaw, NY

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warsaw, new york, is located at the intersection of u.s. route 20a and state route 19. warsaw's under an hour from buffalo, and is the seat of wyoming county. the population of the town is around 5000 to 6000.

u.. route 20a is a great road, at least to me, for a couple reasons: 1) it's the last big leg of the drive to buffalo from delaware, so you know yu're pretty much on the home stretch when you're on 20a, and 2) the scenery is great, with mountain top views every few miles.

the first few pictures (the rainy ones) were taken on my drive up from delaware last friday. the later pictures (the sunny ones) were taken on my drive back to delaware on monday. i had engagements in the evening both days (hockey game on friday, coaching on monday), so i just made some quick detours and took pictures as i drove around for a few minutes.

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When I was in NH I had a colleague from Warsaw, been through there a few times myself, down the infamous "Warsaw Hill".

I agree about route 20A, in fact I agree with most "alternate" routes. The road is usually far less congested, better condition, fewer intersections, etc.
absolutely horrible town...the first time i've ever said that in this forum
^^ How so?
doesnt even look like a new york city...more midwestern
ROCguy said:
^^ How so?
maybe its the weather in the pics...but it reminds me of heretodus' threads of pics about old abandoned towns in western Pennsylvania.
Oh. LOL I think it's name might nave something to do with that as well. When most American's think of Warsaw (Poland), it's usually not thought of as a great city.
Warsaw aint that bad, you guys gotta realize there are towns smaller than Buffalo and Rochester out there between.

Warsaw is pretty healthy actually, the population is around 5000 and there are no colleges or major manufacturing centers there...just service jobs.

Wyoming County is fully based on agriculture, it's not populated and is not really between anything. These pics, taken on a dreiry day are just images...anyone could get great photographs of this village.
I agree. I have always liked Oakfield. Right smack dab inbetween the two (Buff and Roch). It's epitomizes the "All American town".
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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