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1. Tramwaje Warszawskie

Electric trams were inaugurated in Warsaw just in 1908. Now we have 119 km network + 2 km u/c.

link to the existing network plan:

new line u/c

- trams
All Trams (441) come from Konstal plant in Chorzow (now part of the Alstom). There are also ongoing and planned tenders for modern trams.

13N from 60's - progressively retired

105Na-z - main model

112N-116Na - low floor in 60%

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tak, powyzywajcie sie na forum miedzynarodowym, naprawde inteligentne.
SKM it's something between heavy suburb rail and light rail, somethink like german S-Bahn, french RER, italian Passante or spanish Cercanias
Superb tram.
Let us hope that its access will be forbidden for passengers with bicycles as they don't pay for their bicycles (vs. half-fare for children) and usually block the access to passengers with baby buggies :eek:hno:
in Poland u can't take u bike on bus or tram, and that is not good, as long as there is space for regular passangers. i don't get ur point. in many cities around the world there is this fabulous posibility to ride a bike then go by bus or tram and after this go to ur place by bike again. it's a samrt combination of urban trafic. i admire the open-minded Berlin where it's allowed to take bike on trams (on subways and S-Bahns of course too) for free or that many north-american cities with special bike-racks in front of their buses or trams/lrt's that allow u inside with bicycle.
i used to take my bike on trams and on buses this summer in Salt Lake CIty going to downtown or to the swimming pool or just going in a far place outside. it was so great 'coz i could save some time and my muscles with this possibility.
now, as i'm back home in Poland, i wish i could some day get in with my bike on a urban bus and go just to the another end of the town and enjoy my tour without going through the city center avoiding cars with some insane drivers.
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This new Russian type trains do not look so different from older ones.
yep, they suck actually;)
They couldn't decide which to put or wtf??????
It's been made on purpose... and it looks great with the grey 'environment'!
The new trains look like crap. It looked like that from the begining. Im sorry they chose this train for the second metro line.
^^Quite the opposite. It's just that tram-lovers here hate buses. :)
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...what was that referendum about?
Nobody knows and even worse - nobody cares. It was waste of money.
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