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1. Tramwaje Warszawskie

Electric trams were inaugurated in Warsaw just in 1908. Now we have 119 km network + 2 km u/c.

link to the existing network plan:

new line u/c

- trams
All Trams (441) come from Konstal plant in Chorzow (now part of the Alstom). There are also ongoing and planned tenders for modern trams.

13N from 60's - progressively retired

105Na-z - main model

112N-116Na - low floor in 60%

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2. WKD

We have also light rail line WKD (33 km, 28 stations) which provides from a downtown to south-western suburbs. This line was opened in 1927, it has two station in a dig in the city center.

- trains

first new train from the polish company PESA Bydgoszcz

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3. Metro Warszawskie

as of the end of 2022

No. of lines: 2
sytem length: 41.3 km (M1 23.1 km, M2 19 km and the rail connection of two lines)
No. of stations: 39 (M1 21, M2 18) + depot

  • Start of the construction of the first section of the M1 line: 1983
  • Opening of the first section of M1 thereby initiation of the urban rapid rail service in Warsaw: 1995
  • Finish of the construction of the M1 line: 2008
  • Start of the construction of the first section of the M2 line: 2010
  • Construction of the 3 last stations (19th, 20th and 21th) of M2 and of the second depot is scheduled for '20s.
Rrolling stock - 6 car units:
Rrolling stock - 6 car units:
  • Metrovagonmash '81 series - 22 units (delivered 1990-2009, M1) - projected phasing out, no dates available yet
  • Alstom Metropolitan - 18 units (2000-2005, M1)
  • Siemens Inspiro - 35 units (2012-2014, M1+M2)
  • Skoda Varsovia - 37 units + optionally 8 units (deliveries started in 2022, M1+M2) - a new purchase to serve a full planned length of the M2 line and to replace '81 series units on the M1 line


as of June 2005

Warsaw Metro has been opened in 1995. Now is 17,3 km long and has 16 stations. 17th station is under construction. First line with 21 stations is planned to be finished in 2007.
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4. SKM

SKM opening is planned for the end of 2005. It will be kind of commuter rail. It's a new service managed by the city, but it will run on the existing railroads owned by the national rail operator PKP. Unfortunately no renovation of existing stations is planned in a short term, but in a long term they even want to open the new underground station in the city center.

Here I modified the UrbanRail map by adding planned SKM lines. ;)

First line will run on the Diametrical Route through the city centre in a tunnel and on the eastern bank of Vistula river on estacades. The entire line will be located in the city borders.

Ochota station in a dig

underground Srodmiescie station

further stretch

- old-new trains for SKM (under general renovation)

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heirloom said:
that's a very beautiful ceiling. would go much better with the even more gorgeous new trains.
Metropolis 98 ain't that bad. ;)

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construction of the new metro stations

green stations - under construction or approved; red - planned

station Marymont

short video

construction site

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double post
Nephasto said:
Is there any conection between the "Centrum" metro station the nearby railway station?
Direct pedestrian connection between Centrum metro station and Srodmiescie raliway station is just at the planning stage. Construction will start in 2006 or 2007 maybe.
Renovation of the trains for commuter rail (SKM). First 2 will be delivered to Warsaw in the September.

New pics from Marymont subway station construction site.

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Chavito said:
Thanks for the information Petr.:eek:kay:

Have you got any details about the lenght of the first SKM line????

Local government plans are changing month by month. Last news says there will be also partly underground line from the center to the airport built thanks to the EU funds. Cooperation with the national rail operator which owns railroads is difficult. First pilot line (red on the map) which is planned to be opened this year, will be around 25 km long. Initially trains will be rather rare (6 trains are being renovated), but the most important thing is inauguration of the completely new service. Year by year it will be upgraded. :)
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Imponent tram network (120 km of tram lines) confirms Polish "vocation" to tram
Many cities in Poland have a tram network: very cool :eek:
Yes our tramway network is big as for the city of that size, but we desperately need new trams. City authority ordered 30 trams which are to be delivered next Autumn, but their construction isn't modern. :bash: Now we are waiting for the new tender for 15 low floor trams.
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V 200 said:
Are with the new metro extensions any railway stations combined ?
There are no planned or existing stations shared by railway and subway, but in the near future there will be built 2 direct pedestrian underground links: Warszawa Srodmiescie railway station - Centrum subway station and Warszawa Gdanska railway station - Dworzec Gdanski subway station. This kind of link is also planned on Wilenska subway station which is the part of planned second line.
EDIT Violet stations on this map.
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Accura_Preston said:
Warsaw has a really good looking public transport system. Some of it looks a little too old fashioned though.
It's not the entire Warsaw public transport system, we have also huge bus network, but nobody seems to be satisfied here in Warsaw. ;) Mainly because of the old or crowded vehicles and traffic jams.
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new photos of the first renovated SKM train

from the official site

thanks to

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cal_t said:
What did the pre refurbs look like?
Trust me, You didn't wanna see it. ;)

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First SKM train arrived to Warsaw. Train will be used on the regular service from the October. To the end of the year next 5 trains will be delivered.

Progress on the Marymont subway station construction site.

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Old and new tramway, metro & SKM official scheme. Which one You prefer? :)


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In December 2005 has been opened the new 2,2 km long tramway stretch. The entire network is now 121 km long.

New pics from Marymont Metro Station construction site. Opening is planned for this year.

The route of the second metro line has been decided. Construction of the first central stretch is planned for the years 2008-2012.

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StPetr said:
Now we are waiting for the new tender for 15 low floor trams.
15 new 120N trams constructed in PESA factory in Bydgoszcz will arrive to Warsaw in years 2007-2008.
Fredi said:

Construction update of the Marymont subway station (opening planned for this year). In a few weeks they are going to start construction of the Słodowiec station.

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