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01. Let's start off with: commieblocks! ;)

02. First night I spend in the Intercontinental. I kinda messed up the booking as I book for 1/7/8 in stead of 1/6/8. They could do me one night. Ah well... Here is it's neighbour.

03. Looking down you see that the bottom of the tower isn't doing anything for the city, just parking garages and the likes. Shame. Could be so much more.

04. The pool they had up there was kinda cool though.

05. When being in Warszawa, there really is no way around the Pałac is it. Great building though. :)




09. All these telecommunications up there give the building a bit of a shabby look, just like all these mega size advertisements on buildings by the way.


11. Hey, that's a familiar name!

12. Images from around the Emilii Plater, I'm sure you're all familiar with these. ;)

13. Złote Tarasy, developed by one of the larger Dutch developers.

14. And another one

15. The Liebeskind building under construction

16. At first I thought the opening in the InterContinental was for architectural reasons until I learned id had to do with rules regarding sunning of neighbouring buildings, in this case the commieblock next to it.

17. That's a biggie

18. Hi there to whoever is in that jacuzzi

19. This pic shows some investors just do whatever they want. From an urban planning point of view, these combo's don't make a whole lot of sense.

20. That chimney in the far end looks like a big ass one. How tall is it?

21. First skyscraper. I always like these 1930's towers.

22. Nice bridge. Reminds me of another one I know. :)

23. So this is the stage where Leonid Brezjnev waved hi to all that parading guns 'n ammo. What a dumb time that was. Drink beer, not war! Or something like that. :cool:

24. Warszawa's Stare Miasto. Let's go check that out.

25. Actually for someone who's not into the rebuilding thing, this area looked quite nice. It has a nice atmosphere over it with quite some variation in street pattern.

26. This sight reminds me of the Ideal City images of Piero della Francesca

27. Nice build-up around the old town square. Has a bit of a Mediterranean look over it.

28. Then again the anno domini sign makes you realize where it comes from.

29. The United Buddy Bears from Unicef into town. I have no clue why the Dutch one looks like this.

30. I was a bit of a dunce when I booked the hotel as I had done so for 1/7/8 instead of 1/6/8 so the InterContinental could set me up for one night only. The second one I stayed at the Marriot and asked for a Pałac view room. This is what you get. :)

31. This tower seems to be a bit misplaced, as in too far away. I understood more towers will be built in it's vicinity. That's indeed one way of dealing with it. :)

32. Too bad the double glass reflections are a bit hard to ignore.

33. Glued together. Go here for the larger version.

34. It's a bit of a shame I only spend around 48 hours in Warszawa, and to be honest, most of that I spend hanging around street terraces and parks doing the kind of thing you do there. Nowi Swiat seems quite alright for that.

35. Park at the foot of the Pałac.

36. Hi there Warszawa! Really feel like the king of the city in there. :cool:

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Jak na tak krótki pobyt człowieka, który po raz pierwszy tu zawitał to ta fotorelacja jest bardzo fajna.
Wprawdzie wyczuwa się, że obok musiał być jakiś przewodnik o czym świadczą niektóre podpisy, ale całość bardzo mi się spodobała!! :)
A Żywiec i kąpiel z aparatem w ręku jest THE BEST :applause:

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19. This pic shows some investors just do whatever they want. From an urban planning point of view, these combo's don't make a whole lot of sense.
Only one of this towers was build buy private investor after '89(the smallest one in the back) there are quite many rather high +14f buildings in the area many more planned or UC so I think it will look more natural after few years...

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Świetna fotorelacja! :)

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Jan, what do you think about Warsaw? You were in many cities, whether in Warsaw felt as in metropolitan London, Paris or even Berlin?
Nie wiem, czy śmiać się, czy płakać. Czy też może próbować tłumaczyć w czym Warszawa odstaje od Berlina?

Próbę porównania z Paryżem i Londynem pozostawiam bez komentarza, szczególnie że to drugie to miasto raczej negatywnie oceniane.
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