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Until 2010, a 74.84 metres tall tower of the 380 kV powerline Oberzier-Sechtem, north of Bleibtreu lake near Brühl (Rhineland) with the official designation tower 93, facility 4101 (German: Anlage 4101, Mast 93), which was built in 1975 was equipped with an observation platform for the public accessible by a staircase.

In 2010 this platform was removed, as frequently vandalism occured, which resulted even in the removal of screws important for the integrity of its structure.


The powerline tower north of Bleibtreu lake near Brühl (Rhineland) with observation deck, photographed in 2005 (source: File:Aussichtsturm Bleibtreusee I.JPG - Wikimedia Commons ).

I believe this powerline tower is the only one, which was ever equipped with an observation deck, or do or did there exist other powerline towers, which were also equipped with an observation deck? If they exist or existed, please post pictures and technical data.
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