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Washington D.C - Addis Ababa, $777 in February

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Direct flights for only $777, I thought this might be interesting if you have any plans to head home next year..

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Is it roundtrip? If it is, it's a great deal.
I am assuming it is, taxes isn't included though.
Great deal.

Do you know if it extends until mid-march?

Edit: never mind I just saw the ad, it runs only for the month of feb.
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I dunno about this. I noticed on some sites they don't include the taxes so you'll see a rate for $900 on one airline and another will be $1100, but the taxes and fees for the first airline are $400 whilst the second airline is only $200 making it the same price.

with taxes this should be just under $1,000. I don't think it's that awesome of a deal considering i can get a ticket for $1,300 including taxes for the same month and that's from LA, not DC.
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Travel to Africa this February faster and with more style than ever before aboard Ethiopian Airlines new Boeing 777. Take advantage of Ethiopian Airlines super sale from December 16th through December 25th and not only fly for $777 but bring a friend, and they fly free. With such a low price, seats are bound to fill up. Purchase your tickets to Africa now and take advantage of Ethiopian Airline’s super sale. To book your travel, contact Ethiopian Airlines at or call 1-800-445-2733.
A pretty sweet deal.
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