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Federal Triangle is a neighborhood of governmental buildings, located in between the Capitol, the White House, and the National Mall. Many of the buildings were completed in the 1930s, and have a neo-classical look to them.

The National Mall, a product of the City Beautiful Movement, was formulated in the McMillan Commission, which removed neighborhoods and industries from around the Capitol and planned to replace them with monuments and government buildings. The new public space would emulate grand cities in Europe, such as Paris and Rome. The McMillan Commission was planned in 1901 and the National Mall was completed in the early 1920s.

The Jefferson Building of the Library of Congress, located on 1st Street SE. The structure was built in 1897 and is topped by the gold-leaf "Torch of Learning".

The United States Capitol. The Capitol was designed by William Thornton, with modifications by Stephen Hallet, Charles Bulfinch, and Benjamin Latrobe. The cornerstone for the Capitol was laid by President George Washington on September 18, 1793, and the building was finished with the completion of the House of Representatives wing in 1811. Both wings were expanded in the 1850s, and a new, larger dome was completed in 1863.

The dome of the Capitol. The Statue of Freedom, which was originally known as "Freedom Triumphant in War and Peace", has sit atop the dome since the statue was completed in 1863.

The Capitol from the Capitol Grounds. The Capitol Grounds were designed by Frederick Law Olmstead.

The President James A. Garfield Memorial, located in the traffic circle where Maryland Avenue terminates at 1st Street SW. The Capitol grounds are in the background.

Looking across the Capitol Reflecting Pool and National Mall at the Washington Monument.

The west face of the U.S. Capitol. The Senate Wing is on the left, and the Representative Wing is on the right. The Presidential Inaugurations have taken place on this side of the Capitol since Ronald Reagan's first inauguration in 1981.

The George G. Meade Statue, in a plaza at the intersection of Pennsylvania & Constitution Avenues, NW. General Meade was the commander of the Army of the Potomac and played an important role in the Battle of Gettysburg. The statue was completed in 1927 and was moved to its current location in 1984. The E. Barrett Prettyman Federal Court House is in the background.

Looking down Pennsylvania Avenue NW at the U.S. Capitol.

The Federal Trade Commission Building, at 6th Street between Pennsylvania & Consitution Avenues, NW. The building was completed in 1938.

Looking up 6th Street NW. The Newseum is on the right.

The Newseum, at the corner of 6th Street & Pennsylvania Avenue, NW. The building was completed in April 2008, and is a museum about the media and journalism.

Buildings at the intersection of 7th Street & Indiana Avenue, NW, from Pennsylvania Avenue.

Indiana Plaza, at the intersection of 7th Street with Indiana & Pennsylvania Avenues, NW. The pink building is the old Central National Bank building, built in 1888. The structure is now used by the National Council of Negro Women. The building behind Indiana Plaza was built in 1889 and is used by Riggs National Bank.

The United States Navy Memorial, on Pennsylvania Avenue NW. The Navy Memorial was dedicated in 1987 and includes an ampitheater which allows for performances by the U.S. Navy Band and other bands. A view up 8th Street NW is in the center, and the Navy Memorial Visitors' Center, completed in 1991, is on the right. The location was once the site of Market Square and Kann's Department Store.

The National Archives building, in between Pennsylvania & Constitution Avenues, NW, was built in 1934 and houses the original copies of the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights.

The Robert F. Kennedy Department of Justice Building, on Pennsylvania Avenue NW at 10th Street NW. The structure was built in 1935 and dedicated to Robert F. Kennedy in 2001.

Buildings on Pennsylvania Avenue. To the left is the Evening Star Building, constructed in 1898.

Looking up 12th Street NW from Constitution Avenue. The Department of Commerce Building is on the left, and the Internal Revenue Service Building is ont he right. The signature tower of the Old Post Office Pavilion is just behind the Internal revenue Service Building.

The Smithsonian Institution Building, on the National Mall. The Smithsonian Institution was founded in 1846 by James Smithson. The castle building was completed in 1855.

The National Museum of Natural History, on the National Mall. The museum opened in 1911 and houses artifacts like the Hope Diamond.

Looking up 7th Street NW from Madison Drive, on the National Mall. The Federal Trade Commission Building is in the center.

The National Gallery of Art, on Madison Drive on the National Mall. The museum was built in 1941. The site was previously occupied by the Baltimore & Potomac Railroad Station, the site where James A. Garfield was assassinated.

Looking up 4th Street NW at the District of Columbia Courthouse, with the National Building Museum behind it. The central portion of the courthouse was built in 1820.

The U.S. Capitol from Madison Drive NW. The General Ulysses S. Grant Memorial is at the far right, and in between the Capitol and the Grant Monument is the Cavalry Group scupture.

The Peace Monument, dedicated in 1877, sits in the traffic circle where Pennsylvania Avenue NW terminates at 1st Street NW, in front of the Capitol Grounds. The monument is to remember the Union naval personnel who died in the Civil War.

The Richard B. Russell Senate Office Building, at Delaware & Constitution Avenue, NE. The structure, originally called the Old Senate Office Building, was built in 1908.

Rowhouses on 2nd Street NE in the Capitol Hill neighborhood, right behind the Supreme Court of the United States.


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i heard that DC has (had) a really bad rep! these shots show the better side of the town I suppose! and that amphibious buggy, the duck something mobile or what's it called is awesome, wish we had that somewhere!

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i heard that DC has (had) a really bad rep! these shots show the better side of the town I suppose! and that amphibious buggy, the duck something mobile or what's it called is awesome, wish we had that somewhere!
Southeast (SE) is the part of DC that is thought of as bad, and sadly that reputation spread around the country as if the entire city was dangerous. Dont believe that, its a nice place, its one of the most beautiful cities ive ever been in.
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