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Weather update: The latest report is in...and it looks like we're going to have a lot of rain on Sunday, May 27th. In order not to dampen the community's spirits...we're still having a parade and we're still having a party...we've just moved the picnic/party part of the day from Waterloo Park over to the Waterloo Memorial Recreation Complex. There will be lots of music, entertainment, children's activities, food and cake! So don't miss this great day.

What this meant: 1) Instead of King Street, the parade took an undeveloped route to the Rec Centre. 2) The Rec Centre was used instead of Waterloo Park 3) The crowds are smaller than you'd expect :( :( :( I also had a bad location for the parade, so keep this all in mind when viewing the thread.




New Construction:

The Barrel Yards Proposal (for reference):

Centre for International Governance Innovation:
The Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI) is a Canadian-based international research institution that was founded in 2001. CIGI's main purpose is to develop solutions to important global governance challenges through world-class research. CIGI strives to find and develop ideas for global change by studying, advising and networking with scholars, practitioners and governments on the character and desired reforms of multilateral governance. Through conferences, publications, public events and technology, CIGI aims to raise the Canadian domestic capacity to effect change in public policy in Canada and around the world.

Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics:
Perimeter Institute began in the summer of 1999 when Mike Lazaridis, founder and Co-CEO of Research In Motion (RIM) — maker of the successful BlackBerryTM — found himself in a position to help foster research and innovation in Canada. Howard Burton, a PhD graduate from the University of Waterloo, was hired by Mike as Executive Director in August of that year to best determine how a world-class organization devoted to theoretical physics would take shape. Since research operations began in the fall of 2001, the Institute has grown to include over 60 resident researchers who are involved in day-to-day operations. Additionally, the vigorous Visitor Program has enabled PI to host hundreds of international researchers each year for collaborations and workshops. The current areas of cross-disciplinary research include:
1) Cosmology
2) Quantum Foundations
3) Particle Physics
4) Quantum Gravity
5) Quantum Information Theory
6) Superstring Theory

Waterloo Park View

Mike Lazaridis Theatre of Ideas: Before Spacetime, Presented by Fotini Markopoulou

Outside - Front (for reference- not my picture)

Outside - Back (for reference- not my picture)

Waterloo Memorial Recreation Complex:

Waterloo Park's Silver Lake:

A few other City of Waterloo pics from the weekend:

Bauer Lofts - 1

Bauer Lofts - 2

Bauer Lofts w/ Sunlife (Waterloo Region's Tallest)

WLU Co-op - 1

WLU Co-op - 2

Andy's Apartments - 1

Andy's Apartments - 2

School of Accountancy Crane:

On a personal note, my great-great-great grandfather made the Waterloo 150! I'm one happy guy! :banana:
Waterloo 150:
In celebration of the City of Waterloo's 150th birthday, we present Waterloo 150! Waterloo 150 is a project that showcases individuals who have shaped the Waterloo community over the past 150 years. The list contains men and women, past and present, who have significantly contributed to the growth of our community.

Thank-you for viewing the thread :)

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Thanks guys. CIGI and Perimeter are very cool institutes. They are MUST-SEE buildings: extremely chic inside :cheers: Waterloo Region Record write-up:

Waterloo turns 150
City looks to future developments as it celebrates its early beginnings
WATERLOO (May 28, 2007)

An antique fire truck takes part in a parade celebrating Waterloo's 150th anniversary.

Grahame Farquhar has seen a lot of changes in the forty or so years he's called Waterloo home.

He still remembers what it was like when the site of the Waterloo Town Square Mall was a factory that made farm machinery -- before the city core transformed from a manufacturing centre to a commercial one.

He also remembers the smells that came from the Seagrams Distillery, which has since become condos and home to the Centre for International Governance Innovation.

"You smelled whisky distilling or beer fermenting. It was wonderful," he recalled with a laugh.

As far as this retired University of Waterloo engineering professor is concerned, the changes he's seen have been for the better.

"I think Waterloo has been able to retain a focus . . . in the downtown. Waterloo has been able to keep people here," he said.

Farquhar joined thousands of residents yesterday who lined city streets for a parade and festivities in honour of the 150th anniversary of Waterloo.

The celebration commemorated the founding of the village of Waterloo on May 27, 1857, when the crossroads at Erb and King were incorporated.

But exactly 150 years later, it was time to reflect on not only where the city has been, but also where it's going.

"A community's future is rooted in its past and understanding and appreciating what's already happened and what's gone into the building of the community," said Stephen Worotynec, a software developer who works at RIM.

The 43-year-old Kitchener man took in the parade yesterday, which kicked off the official birthday party.

He watched marching bands pass and the spectators capture the moment with their point-and-shoot cameras.

There were antique cars from the 1920s and passengers in period costume. Unfortunately, there was also rain, though it held off just long enough for revelers to take cover in one of the many buildings that opened their doors to the public.

The inside of the Perimeter Institute was transformed into a rowdy science fair of sorts.

The Waterloo Memorial Recreation Complex offered free food, birthday cake and entertainment.

While the day was a time for reflection, it also got people thinking about what could be improved in their city.

Everyone seemed to have a different idea -- better access to family doctors, more regular flights out of the regional airport and a cleanup of areas with a lot of student housing.

Jackie Van De Valk, an environment consultant who went to university in Waterloo left for a year and then came back, said she hopes the future means civic engagement finds a home online.

"All citizens should be able to provide input to the local government through the Internet," she said.

But for the young people who are growing up in this community, they feel Waterloo is both safe and accessible.

"I really like it," said Joy Simms, a Grade 9 student at Waterloo Collegiate Institute. "You feel at home."

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What a cute town :)

I like the little waterfall, and the building with all the barrels of alcohol (at least I'm assuming it's alcohol, but it could be mapple syrup seeing as it's in Canada....)

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What a cute town :)

I like the little waterfall, and the building with all the barrels of alcohol (at least I'm assuming it's alcohol, but it could be mapple syrup seeing as it's in Canada....)
There would be nothing in the barrels, but the place was the original Seagram's plant. Seagram's closed in Waterloo decades ago. The building is used for other purposes - a think tank for example:}&r0_output=xml&s=cc
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