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We need a nice park in Downtown Tampa

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With all the condo constructions in downtown Tampa, Channelside and Harbour Island, there should be some acreage for a really nice park for all the future residents to enjoy. It may not be Central Park of NY or Grant Park or Lincoln Park of Chicago, but just something that people can stroll, walk, jog.

I'll be moving in to Parkcrest Harbour Island in a couple of weeks and the only place that comes close to that type of activity is Bayshore Blvd.

We have placed focus on the Streetcar, Buildings and Shops. Can we give a little love for a park? Oh well.

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Tampa could put one in the area outside of downtown, but there isn't any real space or need for a new park in the downtown core.
The upcoming Riverwalk, combined with Bayshore, will make for one of the best urban running/rollerblading environments in the United States.

I do think it would be very nice to see a sizable park on the NE or north side of DT. The Civitas project featured such an asset, but sadly, county commisioners shot that down on cost concerns and vieled racism.
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Any chance of anything like the Civitas project getting started back up in that area? A sizable park (something like at least 4 square blocks) would do wonders for Tampa's urban core. What's the deal with those housing projects, just west of Ybor? That would be a nice spot for a mixed use development featuring a city park.
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Zero chance. The Civitas people are working on the Tampa Hights project in conjunction with BofA instead.

As of right now, the folks in Central Park and NE DT are shit out of luck.
They really don't need to build a park - they need to fix what is around the parks that are already there - though a bit more green space would be nice (I like the one block parks scattered around - a la Philly)

As for Central Park - they will get to it, eventually. What needs to happen is that development has to get near it first, then there will be pressure. Now it still is on the edge of the zone and any a consideration.

If you want to stroll, wait for the riverwalk, stroll up the Kennedy, cross the bridge (easily done on foot) and walk around UT/Plant Park or up the other side to the TBPAC and beyond - if you don't mind a homless guy or twenty.
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So what's the schedule on the riverwalk? Is it under construction already?
Ft Brooke / Okanchobee Park (on channel next to the Marriott) is actually a nice little park with nice landscaping, benches, mini-playground for the kids and some public art. My problem is that there are exactly 4 metered parking spots in front of the park. These are almost always occupied, even when I try to go early on a Sunday morning with my dog. Otherwise, you have to pay to park in a nearby parking garage. Just doesn't make it very user-friendly, IMO.
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^they shouldn't put parking meters infront of a park in my opinion,its like we charge we taxes to keep the park nice and we'll charge you for parking if you decide to come in.

they should do something to make ppl want to come in,not stayout
Well, that park is nice thoguh at present its location is a bit isolated - which will change over time. The reason it got built was as part of a deal with Marriott to stop waterfront competition for their covention hotel - which put it in the odd spot. However, when some of those condos fill in the lots on Channelside it will not seem so isolated - especially when, one day, someone builds something on the lot accross the street - which is so prime as to be outrageous.
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