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Webcam video

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I finally got around to making a video from the webcam footage. Its kinda large and 4 minutes long, Ie from when the cam started till today.
But it now includes steak knives and the special feature "When the camera was moved by the cleaners". Damn them.
Here is a sample.

Get it here
(50mb, right click save as)

To play it just open it in the media player of your choice. If it doesnt work or complains about missing "codec" get the ffdshow codec pack. Within that is the xvid software which tells your computer how to show the video. Don't worry, it wont haxor your computer. The media player I use is "media player classic", google for it, it lets you speed up or slow down the playback. Very handy for stuff like this! Tell me if you download, I want to know if its worth doing in the future.
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bloody brilliant. Very good idea you have there. its so cool to see some of the high rises slowly build up over time...

How many days actually went by?
That is excellent. As far as I'm concerned, it most certainly is worth doing in the future :)
Grantus said:
How many days actually went by?
53 days of camera uptime and like 70 days in real time.
My software needs working on, every now and then the wireless disconnects and it takes me a day or so to get back into the office to fix it.

Thanks for the comments guys :)
Hey Dan I was wondering what codec you have used for the video? I cannot play it with either Windows Media Player 9 or Real One player...both cannot download the required codec.

Thanks - great idea though and I look forward to viewing it!
VLC Media Player - plays [almost] everything that's not a proprietary format.

But he did that it is in the XviD codec. :)
Sorry for my stupid post - I didn't even read the text below the lovely picture in your first post dan!
It does look a bit like part of my sig. I'll make the gap bigger with a smiley.
Great work Dan! What a top video. A pity you couldn't get the cam up 2 years ago! That would have looked cool with the Southbank skyline climbing up!
Fantastic work Dan. Thanks for the effort.

If you ever get the time, I reckon a video showing the same time of the day over the last 70 days would be excellent too. :) Maybe better just to wait a few months more so it goes on for longer. You'd be able to see the seasons change.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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