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Welcome to the Concrete Jungle: Milton Keynes, from Cow to Sheep!

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These are some photos I took a week ago when I visited Milton Keynes, a large town in South England between Birmingham and London.

Although I suppose all towns are purpose built, the central area of Milton Keynes (aka MK) was built in sixties with the purpose of having pedestrians and the increasingly popular motor car co-exist in harmony. Because of this, the area has a unusual grid layout and a huge number of pedestrian underpasses and roundabouts. It seems possible to walk to most places in town without even needing to cross any main roads.

Milton Keynes is a peculiar place because most of the buildings are either built in concrete or glass, are of very similar size and height and look the same. With the underpasses and much of the street furniture looking identical, it makes the place seem somewhat like a communist country.

It’s not all bad though with countryside area shown in the first photo being only five minutes walk from the town centre.

Hope you enjoy!

The UK's largest indoor ski centre, complete with real snow.

The National Hockey Statdium.

Milton Keynes Central station, which also doubled as the UN Headquarters in Superman IV.

The entrance to the 65,000 capacity National Bowl outdoor amphitheatre where the likes of Guns n Roses have played.

Milton Keynes Shopping Mall. At around half a mile in length, it was longest in the World when it was built.

We end our tour with MK's infamous concrete cows. Originally sited by an artist alongside a nearby motorway to signify MK's widespread use of contrete in it's construction.
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Certainly a unique town in the UK. Thanks for the tour!
And that's just the city centre. The concrete cows do not usually reside in the shopping centre but rather a field in Bancroft Park. Love the place.
Milton Keynes - you either love it or HATE it! I often ended up there whether or not at the train station or at the shopping centre. It looks a lot better than I remember it at least!

PS: Love the graffiti in the underpass. It's been ages since I've seen anyone being called a "greebo"!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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