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The Toledo Zoo pictures have finally arrived--we went today on a rainy, brisky day which to my surprise that enough people showed up. Toledo Zoo is considered one of the best zoo in the country and I have fond memories of this place and still very much enjoy the all year-round zoo with lights at Christmas, icicle festivals, summer concerts at the ampitheatre, and many other events. This zoo has a lot of great architectures throughout the park which many of them were built during the Great Depression when FDR released the massive construction public works program for people to work. There were a lot of animals I wanted to take pictures of but the glare off of glass windows were the problem. But anyway, this is truely one of our gem in our region and hope you enjoy the tour.

Gateway to the Zoo on the Trail side:

Skywalk that connects the two zoo parks which the Anthony Wayne Trail seperates:

View from the Skywalk toward the downtown skyline which the zoo is located south:

The "Subway" was the old underground tunnel connector in between the two zoo parks which runs under the Anthony Wayne Trail--the skywalk replaced it:

Arctic Encounter:

African Safari:

Botanical Conservatory & Gardens:

Reptile House:

Bird House:

African/Asian Savanna:


Museum of Science (Dragon Exhibits, Insects Exhibits and Life Diversity Exhibits):

Former Panda House (the pandas went on exhibit here from China during the mid-80s); this house is now a banquet/conference/upscale restaurant facility:

Former Carnivora House (this facility had the lions, tigers, leopards before they were moved into the new African Savanna exhibits; this facility is now a large food/cafe court):

Ape/Gorilla House with the Primate Forest:

Outdoor Ampitheatre:

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^Actually Toledo's zoo is easily one of the best in the country. It has an incredible diversity of animals (over 700 species) for a zoo its size and the Spanish architecture is outstanding. It also has a perfect urban setting in an older, South Toledo neighborhood. It recently was ranked 2nd best American zoo by a major magazine. It was behind only Omaha. I know people from PA who say Toledo's zoo murders Philly's. It really is incredible. Toledo has two of America's best intstitutions- The Toledo Musuem of Art and the Toledo Zoo. It's weird since the highest Toledo ever ranked was 26th largest city in America (1920-1930), yet it has things like the zoo and art musuem that are unrivaled in cities its size the world over.

Anyway, I miss the Subway. I loved that thing when I was little. It was so creepy, yet exciting.
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