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WELLINGTON: City Development (Part 1)

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Covering all new developments/ and projects under construction in the Capital City of Wellington. Will update when needed.

Bolton Apartments, 20 levels.

Status- nearing completion externally

Museum Apartments, 10 levels

Status- under construction

Holiday Inn Hotel-Apartment Tower, 14 levels

Status- approved. I was in Wellington a week or so ago, and walked past the site, there was a large billboard up advertising the project, so all looks set to go.

There is a proposed 12 level mulit-use tower opposite the Duxton Hotel on Jervois Quay corner, subject to a resource consent.

There are 2 new Government Ministry buildings, one under construction for the Ministry for the Environment (10 levels), and one about to be built for the Ministry of Defence, 10 levels also.
Both are in the Thorndon area, adjacent to the CBD/Parliament.

Also, the Wellington City Council has recently taken in development proposals for a sizeable site in the CBD, known as "Chews Lane", which has variying height restrrictions, but can go up to 90m on one part. Nothing has yet been decided, but it will contain a mix of retail. apartments and office.

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Be good to see some more cranes over Wellington!

Wellington must be in my top 5 cities in the world , has atmosphere like no other , be good to see some more action there. :cheers1:
Yay! finally a Wellington thread. Those museum apartments look pretty classy. If only we had a forumer that lived down there so we could get some photos.
Lower Hutt

From what I hear there is also a bit of a mini skyline over Lower Hutt way as well which would be good to see :)
Well thats an urban myth my friend, no such skyline exists in Lower Hutt, just a couple of small office blocks, 6-7 levels.

Palmerston North, which is not far from wellington (less than 2 hrs), on the other hand does have a skyline, with 3 towers up to 12/13 levels, and a number of 7-10 level buildings, which are grouped around 'The Square', which reinforces the effect of a skyline.
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Yes Palmerston North feels suprising urban driving through the city centre with it's little skyline and mini-Bank West tower.
That Bolton Apartments tower looks real good.
It's nice to know theres more goin on around NZ than just in Auckland :)
^ Well Dunedin and Hamiton need more buildings.
Hamilton has plenty for a 150,000 cow town
Like a hospital, few 5 stories maybe and an old deka store.
It has more than that buddy,trust me I go through the place all the time.
And as for Dunedin,I think it's historic architecture probably more than makes up for a lack of bland modern office buildings
Yeah and they dont have an octagon with a statue of a guy sitting down, for nothing y'know.
atkinson1 said:
Yeah and they dont have an octagon with a statue of a guy sitting down, for nothing y'know.
Robbert (Robbie) Burns
Does the statue have a black eye and a bottle in it's hand ? :D
New 15 level apartment development- 'The Argus'
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Yay ! Go Wellington !!

just keeps gettin denser.

Stunning ! will add even more to an already beautiful Skyline , 20 x more exciting than the new Air New Zealand Building .


Can anyone tell me what that building is , first Tall from the left ? that one must be sort of new.
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Cheers for posting that Tom, I saw it in the NBR yesterday too, but didn't have time to post it.
Great news though- More scrapers and density for the Capital!! And even better cause I can keep project updates as Wellington isn't very far from Palmy!
Design looks alright. :carrot: More glass= class :carrot:
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