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WELLINGTON: City Development (Part 1)

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Covering all new developments/ and projects under construction in the Capital City of Wellington. Will update when needed.

Bolton Apartments, 20 levels.

Status- nearing completion externally

Museum Apartments, 10 levels

Status- under construction

Holiday Inn Hotel-Apartment Tower, 14 levels

Status- approved. I was in Wellington a week or so ago, and walked past the site, there was a large billboard up advertising the project, so all looks set to go.

There is a proposed 12 level mulit-use tower opposite the Duxton Hotel on Jervois Quay corner, subject to a resource consent.

There are 2 new Government Ministry buildings, one under construction for the Ministry for the Environment (10 levels), and one about to be built for the Ministry of Defence, 10 levels also.
Both are in the Thorndon area, adjacent to the CBD/Parliament.

Also, the Wellington City Council has recently taken in development proposals for a sizeable site in the CBD, known as "Chews Lane", which has variying height restrrictions, but can go up to 90m on one part. Nothing has yet been decided, but it will contain a mix of retail. apartments and office.

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Construction started beside/behind/around the Thistle pub

Does anyone know what's being built here - cnr Murphy & Kate Sheppard Place?
The construction started a couple of weeks ago.
mtb_nz said:
yeah they are adding another 10 level building next to the Vogel Building... im sure its an extension to the existing building
OK - thanks. It would be great if they gave the Vogel building a facelift while they're at it - looks pretty shabby...
1 - 2 of 529 Posts
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