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WELLINGTON: City Development (Part 1)

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Covering all new developments/ and projects under construction in the Capital City of Wellington. Will update when needed.

Bolton Apartments, 20 levels.

Status- nearing completion externally

Museum Apartments, 10 levels

Status- under construction

Holiday Inn Hotel-Apartment Tower, 14 levels

Status- approved. I was in Wellington a week or so ago, and walked past the site, there was a large billboard up advertising the project, so all looks set to go.

There is a proposed 12 level mulit-use tower opposite the Duxton Hotel on Jervois Quay corner, subject to a resource consent.

There are 2 new Government Ministry buildings, one under construction for the Ministry for the Environment (10 levels), and one about to be built for the Ministry of Defence, 10 levels also.
Both are in the Thorndon area, adjacent to the CBD/Parliament.

Also, the Wellington City Council has recently taken in development proposals for a sizeable site in the CBD, known as "Chews Lane", which has variying height restrrictions, but can go up to 90m on one part. Nothing has yet been decided, but it will contain a mix of retail. apartments and office.

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Probably a few more that can be added, these are the updates I can think of so far...
*Residential (Apartments)*
Summit, Molesworth Street - Nearing Completion (
Montreax,The Terrace - Nearing Completion (
Plimmer Apartmetns, Boulcout Street - Proposed
Trinity, College Street - Under Construction (
Vivo, College Street - Commencing soon (
Holland Street - Under Construction
Portal, Cable Street - Commencing soon (
Augusta, Willis Street - Nearing Completion (
268 Willis, Willis Street - Commencing soon (
27 Level Apartment/Retail, Willis Street - Under Construction
Cube, Webb Street - Under Construction (
Century City, Tory Street - Commencing Soon (
Muesem Hotel/Apartments, Wakefield Street - Nearing Completion (
Odlins Building, Jervois Quay - Nearing Completion
Bellagio, Taranaki Street - Commencing Soon (
The Watermark, Wakefield Street - Proposed (
Capital, Oriental Parade - Nearing Completion
Waterline, Oriental Parade - Nearing Completion (
The Crescent, Roseneath - Under Construction
Chaffers Dock, Waterfront - Under Contsruction (

CentrePort Business Park - Statistics New Zealand: Nearing Completion
MidCity Upgrade, Manners Street - Under Construction
Maritime, Waterloo Quay - Under Construction
Wool House - Nearing Completion
Featherston Tower - Proposed (
Chews Lane - Commencing Soon (
Kumuoto, Queens Wharf - Commencing Soon
Odlins Building - Nearing Completion
Hilton Hotel, Queens Wharf - Proposed (
Holiday Inn, Featherston Street - Under Construction (

Westfield Queensgate, Lower Hutt - Under Construction (
Harvey Norman Centre, Lower Hutt - Under Construction
Johnsonville Shopping Centre, Retail/Cinema upgrade - Proposed
Logan Plaza, Upper Hutt - Under Construction
Chews Lane - Commencing Soon (
Majestic Tower retail enhancements - Under Construction
Airport Retail Centre - Partly Completed/Under Construction
Willis Street Enclosed Retail - Under Construction

*Civic* (
Waitangi Park, Chaffers Street - Under Construction
Taranaki Wharf/Wellington Waterfront - Under Construction
Wellington Hospital - Under Construction
Glover Park - Commencing soon
Aotea/Jervois Quay Landscape project - Proposed
Government Precinct, Urban Renewal - Planning Stages
Wellington Aquarium, Island Bay - Planning Stages
Overseas Passenger Terminal, Waterfront - Proposed

*Transport* (
Central City Bypass - Under Construction
Petone-Grenada Link Road - Approved, 2006/2007
Petone-Dowse Upgrade/Interchanges - Approved, 2005/2006
McKays Crossing Flyover - Under Construction
Waitangirua/Papakowhai Interchange - Approved
Ngauranga->City 8 Laning - Proposed
Rail Electrification to Waikanae - Approved
Coastal Highway/Transmission Gully - Proposed

Um, after reading Wellington's Construction Status, could Property Boy answer me these...

27 Level Apartment/Retail, Willis Street - Under Construction
Q. I have failed to see any cranes, designs or anything since the article in the Dom Post...

Aqua, Oriental Parade - Nearing Completion
Q. These are completed. I think you might mean apartments 88 next to the Semple House..

Overseas Passenger Terminal, Waterfront - Proposed
- Whether apartments actually go in the overseas terminal is still up in the air. Wellington waterfront is seeking potential developers, with interest as far as Hong Kong.

MidCity Upgrade, Manners Street - Commencing Soon
- This has started, the wooden boards over the entrances are up.

Chews Lane - Commencing Soon
- This has also started with restorations taking place at present.

Hilton Hotel, Queens Wharf - Commencing Soon
- Wellington Waterfront is still having negotions with the developer. Hilton is unimpressed with the lengthy delays that are caused by waterfront consultations, processes... There is no set time on or if this developent even gets running.

Taranaki Wharf/Wellington Waterfront - Under Construction
- The reburbishment of the Free Ambulance building has begun but the areas plans are still seeking resource consent.

Aotea/Jervois Quay Landscape project - Commencing Soon
- This project isn't gonna start till the bypass is out of the way. That way they can see the how the bypass effects the waterfront route and can decide whether to reduce the 6 lanes to 4. At the moment they are deciding on what trees to plant.

Wellington Aquarium, Island Bay - Proposed
- This has been approved as the council is giving the Aquarium $8m to proceed.

Government Precinct, Urban Renewal - Commencing Soon
- Urm, well no plans have been drawn up yet. All they're saying is that in the future the goverment precinct is gonna be upgraded and more intergrated with the city, creating a real "Capital City" environment.

Well that's my beef, just didn't want people to get the wrong ideas..
Glad you pulled me up on those ones!

Haven't been down to Wellington, was last there a couple of months ago...bit bored at work at was jotting down all the stuff I could think of and various articles I had read.
-27 Level Building: Willis Street. A mate down there said there are boards up on some of the shops where it is to be built and thought there could be some demolition going on??
-Aqua: Last time I was in Welly it was still being built, maybe I'm getting confused with a building further down Oriental Bay. Not far down from the Capital Apartments.
-Chews Lane: Last read about it on Willis Bond Site, said was starting soon. Good to know it's all going ahead. Those buildings around there definately need a bit or work
-Hilton Hotel: I read a few months back that it wasn't far from being past through the resource consent phase. But mind you it has been going on for a good while.

-With the others, should of been a bit clearer. thanks for pointing them out :)
Can anybody post pictures of the Plimmer Towers?
New 14 level tower

Boutique city hotel planned

13 July 2005

Tourists intent on enjoying all Courtenay Place has to offer will be able to stay there 24 hours a day if a new hotel is approved.

Two Wellington businessmen want to build a boutique hotel at the eastern end of Courtenay Place, above the old McDonald's building.

The $30 million 14-storey Hotel Rococo would have about 40 hotel rooms and a similar number of serviced apartments.

It would be set back 30 metres from the Courtenay Place frontage and the McDonald's building would be retained. The main entrance would be on Alpha St on a site that is now used for car parking. The resource consent application was publicly notified by Wellington City Council, mainly because the building will be about four storeys above the area's height limit.

Development partners Glen Hooker and Graeme Hunt say the hotel will fill a gap in the market, with no other luxury hotels in the area.

In the past, they have refurbished the nearby Cambridge Hotel and developed the concept designs for the Sanctum apartment complex.

Mr Hooker said those projects had been successful because they took account of the surrounding urban environment, which was also a focus of the new hotel's design.

"We recognised the importance of doing something that fitted into the Courtenay character area," he said.

"The idea is only to offer accommodation, and let Courtenay Place service clients (for food, drink and entertainment)."

The building was designed to fit in with the area, and in particular would not detract from the adjacent heritage Adelphi building.

It was among a cluster of taller buildings, including the Base Backpackers building, so its height would not be out of place, he said.

Despite the number of new hotels opening in central Wellington – including the Bolton, the Museum Hotel extension, the Just Hotel and the Holiday Inn – Mr Hooker was confident there was room for more top-end rooms, particularly serviced apartments.

(I have a render, will scan and post later.)
upper hutt: revitalisation...

FROM Dominion Post 12.07.05. more at,2106,3342010a6482,00.html
The rebirth of Upper Hutt mall
12 July 2005

After years of uncertainty, Upper Hutt's retail heart is undergoing a $50 million revamp thanks to the confidence of a group of local investors. ANN-MARIE JOHNSON reports.

Think of going to the mall in the Wellington region and you probably think of Lower Hutt's Queensgate, Porirua's North City or Johnsonville Mall.

Upper Hutt's Logan Plaza probably won't be top of your list. But an ambitious $50 million redevelopment headed by a group of local businessmen is aiming to change that attitude.

Though it was at the cutting edge of retail when it opened in the 1970s, progress had left Logan Plaza behind tilltill builders moved in a few months ago.

The first step in the redevelopment was the opening of a 5800-square-metre branch of The Warehouse – more than twice the size of the previous store – in May.

But still to come are 45 new shops, representing a big increase in the city's retail capacity, along with a 250-seat food court.

The development is taking in not only the existing Logan Plaza building but will extend across Logan St where a block of tired retail buildings will be redeveloped or refurbished, with plans including a four-screen cinema....
wellington waterfront: buisness park launch

CentrePort Wellington launches Business Park
Friday, 15 July 2005, 9:14 am
Press Release: CentrePort

15 July 2005
CentrePort Wellington launches Business Park on prime inner city land

Wellington Mayor Kerry Prendergast officially launched a 6.5 hectare business and recreational park on Wellington’s waterfront last night to be called Harbour Quays.

The land owned by CentrePort Wellington will be developed into a major commercial, retail business and recreational space with room for at least a dozen multi level individual buildings.

Harbour Quays Development Manager Ray Di Leva told the 100 strong crowd at the launch, it’s an exciting development for the city.

“Harbour Quays is the most significant development in Wellington’s commercial property market in the last ten years and the first based on “looking after the environment”. We envisage the tenant mix will include corporate, government departments and retail with a strong emphasis on providing recreational space such as parks, cafes and entertainment facilities.”

“We’ve put significant effort into ensuring Harbour Quays integrates well with the existing buildings, the city and especially Wellington’s Waterfront. Underpinned by an environmentally friendly philosophy, all character buildings will be retained and views to the harbour carefully protected,” says Di Leva.

Chief Executive of CentrePort Wellington Liz Ward adds:

“After many months of hard work we are proud to launch Harbour Quays today. Its development is another step in CentrePort Wellington’s growth strategy but at the same time we remain 100% committed to our core service, of being a port company, as we look to grow our integrated logistics business even further,” says Ward.

Mayor Kerry Prendergast in opening Harbour Quays told the crowd:

“Harbour Quays is a fantastic development for Wellington and I commend CentrePort Wellington on its foresight and vision in turning this area into a business park that caters not just for the needs of business in Wellington, but also their employees and our residents. I am sure Harbour Quays will be a great success and I look forward to the first stage of it – the completion of the Statistics NZ building and surrounding infrastructure – later this year.”

Existing tenants at Harbour Quays include the head office of the NZ Rugby Football Union, Williment Travel and TelstraClear. The first built-to-order building in the complex is the $20 million Statistics New Zealand building, due for completion in October.

The new properties will vary in size, floor levels and use some floor plates comparable to prime CBD real estate. The height restriction is 27 metres or approximately six stories. The architecture of Harbour Quays will incorporate both character and modern design trends and the low-rise buildings will offer maximum space, natural light and superior views. There will also be extensive landscaping with native trees and shrubs, lighting and street furniture to contribute to more visual space.

A number of prospective tenants are currently in negotiation with Harbour Quays
Yaaaay! Wellington's waterfront is getting a further makeover. I was listening to the radio today and the lady said to the developer how it will compare to Melbournes Docklands and London's cananry wharf, then said, "what about the viaduct?" and he replied that what wellington will be doing different is paying alot of attention to the environment such as retaining rain water and using it for irregation. The pictures that were in the Dom Post can be seen at
Because it will mostly be new i hope it blends in ok with the rest of the waterfront. The queens wharf event centre is pretty sad and there's too many shed-like buildings occupying prime space.. But rather focussing on the negatives, Wellington sounds like the place to be :)
Yea I do like the sound of this new waterfront development, with its environmental theme
wellington waterfront
new waterfront business park sounds like it will be a great assst once completed and liven up that part of the city especially with the stadium being so close.

was in wellington last week, noticed the waitangi park development is well underway as is the chaffers dock apartments (former herd street telecom/post building).
and the NZ Stock Exchange Building (Odlins) is now complete - what a great restoration. Looks great and I bet the apartments on the upper floors are pretty mint..

with the current projects and future work to be done on the waterfront no doubt it will become some hot property in wellington and add to the already great atmosphere in the city.
wellington airport....

check out
(some cool pictures on this site too)
$76 million extreme makeover for Wellington Airport

Wellington Airport announced today that it will invest up to $76 million over the next two years to expand and upgrade the terminal to accommodate traffic growth, extend the runway, improve parking facilities, and position Wellington to take advantage of future long-haul flight options.

“Our goal is to give Wellingtonians and visitors the airport they crave,” said Chief Executive Simon Draper. “Air travel has become more accessible, but it’s still exciting for most travellers – and the experience begins and ends at the airport. Our upgrade will create a more enjoyable and stimulating terminal with a lot more space in the international lounges, funky retail outlets that reflect the Wellington scene and iconic New Zealand products, more duty free shopping, and expanded and reconfigured processing areas.”

The $41 million investment in the terminal upgrade will include a significant expansion and redevelopment of the international lounge. The new international terminal will have eight aerobridge international departure gates, up from the current six (two of which are and will remain “swing gates” available to domestic aircraft as well as international). It will also include capacity to park wide-bodied aircraft, including the new long-haul Boeing 787, which will be launched in 2008 and is capable of flying direct from Wellington to Singapore and many other long-haul destinations.

“The 787 will revolutionise Wellington tourism and business, and is something we are absolutely determined to achieve,” said Mr Draper. “However, the extra international departure gates are needed now. Growth on trans-Tasman volumes means the international lounge, arrivals areas and aircraft gates are congested during peak periods and we need to address this urgently.”

click to enlarge plan Since the beginning of 2004 the number of international airlines operating from the terminal has grown from four to six, while the Gold Coast and Nadi have been added as destinations. The Australian budget airline Jetstar has also announced it will begin flying in New Zealand later this year.

Wellington architects Studio of the Pacific Architecture and Warren Mahoney are doing the design and construction work is scheduled to begin early next year and be completed by late 2007.

“The design brief included a requirement to reflect Wellington’s status as a vibrant and daring cultural city,” said Mr Draper. “In terms of Wellington Airport’s overall retail environment, we are very keen to broaden the range of outlets and greatly increase local content so that it fully reflects the diversity and sophistication of Wellington’s retail scene. We’ll be approaching retailers who we believe are as ‘Wild at Heart’ as we are.”

Wellington City Mayor Kerry Prendergast said: "This is fantastic news for Wellington and a sign that Wellington Airport has confidence in this city’s future, not just from a business perspective, but from a tourism perspective as well. Wellington will continue to grow as a significant business centre and a tourism destination, and we need to be prepared for it with sound infrastructure. We congratulate the company on its foresight.”

In addition to the terminal upgrade, the investment includes a $23 million extension of the southern end of the runway by 90 metres to deliver an additional safety precaution. An option analysis into lengthening the runway’s northern end is also underway.

"This project is principally driven by a desire to further improve safety at the airport. The expansion will bring us into line with best practice internationally. Naturally, we don't rule out extra runway length where we can deliver it at a reasonable cost. The 787 is able to operate long haul off the current runway, but all improvements are worthwhile and there are some existing short-haul aircraft that suffer limitations on our runway."

Some $12 million has been earmarked for car-parking redevelopment. This will provide a better quality of service, and a wider range of choice for customers, both in terms of facilities and prices. The upgrade will include additional decks, more undercover parking, better weather protection and different price points.

Mr Draper said Wellington Airport is initiating discussions with airlines on the changes, and is talking with its retail outlets on the terminal changes. The incumbent duty free operator has a lease until 2009 and will be amongst those tendering for a new, expanded lease, along with several others from Australasia, Asia and Europe.

Adds Positively Wellington Tourism’s Chief Executive, Tim Cossar: “Wellington Airport is a major funding partner of Wellington's consumer marketing campaign in Australia. Almost one in four international visitors to Wellington are from Australia and Wellington Airport is playing a key role in ensuring this market continues to grow. The financial support of Wellington Airport has allowed Positively Wellington Tourism to grow its marketing in Australia and to become the first region in New Zealand to implement a significant consumer marketing campaign. This new investment is another positive step in growing Wellington tourism.”

Concluded David Newman, Chairman of Wellington Airport and of major shareholder Infratil: “We have been working very closely with other stakeholders to improve Wellington’s connectivity to the world. We’re committed to helping the city grow and we’re here for the long haul.”

For further information please contact:

Simon Draper 04 385 5141 or Andy Scotland 04 385 5106

Media Release Date: 04/08/2005
Great news!
In the last 10 years WLG has gone from being NZs worst dump of an airport to (in my opinion) the countries best terminal. With these improvements its just getting better. On a operational level its good to see that they are going to make safety zones on the runway ends. Considering the length of the runway (aprox 1900m), the 10m hight difference between the northern and southern ends, regular cross winds and high windshear risk it would seem high time that they increased the margins. With the regular fog and storm conditions high density aproach lighting wouldnt go a miss either.
Some update pics....

The Holiday Inn Hotel
From the Railway Station:

Looking north:

Maritime Tower:

That new tower on the waterfront:

The new Aldins bldg:
New Waterfront Development (Harbour Quays): Updated Website

Some cool images...
Interesting website, Cheers!
More for Wellingtons Waterfront - Just keeps on getting better.

HILTON BY THE SEA: An application for resource consent to build this Hitlon Hotel on Queens Wharf is to be lodged before the end of the year.

Waterfront Hilton a step closer

17 September 2005

Famously endorsed by film director Peter Jackson and likened to a tank radiator, a Hilton Hotel planned for Wellington's waterfront has moved a step closer.

Negotiations for the property rights to build the $45 million, 142-room hotel on the Queens Wharf Outer T had been completed and an application for resource consent would be lodged before the end of the year, developer George Middleditch said yesterday.

An application for the controversial project was signalled last July – more than a decade after it was first proposed.

The Hilton Group was "committed and raring to go," Wellington Waterfront chief executive Ian Pike said.

Though the design for the five-star boutique development, which would have under-wharf access plus public restaurants and bars on the ground floor, had been agreed and approved by the city council in 2003, some details had still to be finalised.

"We will be working with the designers to resolve those. They won't have a material effect.

"What you have seen in the past is really what you can expect."

The project has had a rocky passage since it was mooted in the early 1990s, with repeated delays on waterfront development, and disputes over height and design.

Three years ago the budget was estimated at about $35 million. Soaring construction costs have added at least $10 million.

In October 2002, Russell Walden, associate professor of architecture at Victoria University, described the hotel as "an abysmal piece of design", while other critics, among them city councillor Stephanie Cook who likened it to a truck radiator, called it "dull and average", "an overpriced sleepout for the rich" and "a private building on a public space".

A poll of Wellington residents in 2003 showed 55 per cent supported the concept, and 29 per cent were opposed. One supporter was King Kong director Peter Jackson, who said stars and crew needed top-end accommodation when they were here filming.

Wellington Mayor Kerry Prendergast has welcomed the latest move, saying it was an exciting project that would bring life to the northern wharf area.
Good news. I've seen the design too, didn't look too bad.
it should get through wellington city council pretty easily as they seem to be approving of everything lately
Here's a render of it

yeah its taken ages to get the hilton design on the way
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