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WELLINGTON: City Development (Part 1)

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Covering all new developments/ and projects under construction in the Capital City of Wellington. Will update when needed.

Bolton Apartments, 20 levels.

Status- nearing completion externally

Museum Apartments, 10 levels

Status- under construction

Holiday Inn Hotel-Apartment Tower, 14 levels

Status- approved. I was in Wellington a week or so ago, and walked past the site, there was a large billboard up advertising the project, so all looks set to go.

There is a proposed 12 level mulit-use tower opposite the Duxton Hotel on Jervois Quay corner, subject to a resource consent.

There are 2 new Government Ministry buildings, one under construction for the Ministry for the Environment (10 levels), and one about to be built for the Ministry of Defence, 10 levels also.
Both are in the Thorndon area, adjacent to the CBD/Parliament.

Also, the Wellington City Council has recently taken in development proposals for a sizeable site in the CBD, known as "Chews Lane", which has variying height restrrictions, but can go up to 90m on one part. Nothing has yet been decided, but it will contain a mix of retail. apartments and office.

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Yeah, i think i will be down there sometime in March so i will get another update on project progress. The Argus was posted before, but thanks anyway, nice to see others hav an interest in Wellington! Argus is 14 levels.
Yeah I've seen thsoe advertised in the DomPost. About 12 levels i believe, and yes, thats the site, right by the main CBD motorway offramp.
Speaking (or typing) of Wellington, a new 16 level rental apartment block has just been announced, to be built right next to the Railway Station. There was a pic of it in the weekend DomPost, and oval shaped building, not too bad looking. This area, centred around the Railway Station, is certainly booming, with the 17 level Holiday Inn tower under construction over the road, and the 18 level Customhouse Quay Office Tower just around the corner, as well as the 10 level Ministry of Defence building, and 11 level Ministry for the Environment building going up in nearby streets.
Yeah, i'll try and scan the pic that was in the DomPost.

I would like to get better info for Cul on Wellington's scraper count, so maybe ill plan a trip there soon and start doing some stocktaking, lol!
Yeah i've seen that one under construction marky mark, its the Montreaux Apartments, the one you posted about up a bit^.

[email protected], a skyscraper assessment team would sure be helpful! Maybe I can persuade the government to get one up and running, as i'll say its good for the recently released Urban Design Strategy, which came out last week. Who knows lol...
Here's a small render that i scanned from the DomPost of the new 16 level apartment tower to be built next to the railway station (Waterloo Quay).
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At this stage there is no name, well, not one reported by the newspaper.
Hey another Wellingtonian, nice!

You can post a pic put simply copying the image properties (go right click, copy) and then clicking on the IMG button when u make a post, or edit a post, and pasting the image properties in the box that comes up.
That image didnt show. Are you sure you copied the entire image properties properly? It should look like a web address, with a .jpg or something at the end. It will only work from if its internet based, you can't direct link from your own computer
You need to have your own webspace to host the images, or just direct link them from their respective websites, such as Bayleys in this case.
*astro* said:

Wool house, customhouse quay. At the moment you can see the blue glass being fitted.
I think i know where this one is, there has been a crane there for a while now.

Hey astro, hows the construction site going for that new Customhouse Quay office tower on the old martime building site?
Oh ok, so not much progres on the old martime bldg site then? Interesting. I read in the NBR that the building is over 80% leased, so must be more work starting soon.
I saw that 'Featherston Tower' in a render on the melview site a while ago, I always wondered exactly where its was to go, and when it was being built. Sounds like the Holiday Inn will be the tower to watch for Wellington in the next few months.
Wellington Pics..
mmm, Capital City

Oriental Parade, the best waterfront drive in NZ? (A close race between Tamaki Drive and Oriental Parade; Oriental parade wins because of less traffic;) )

From Mt Victoria:

Holiday Inn Hotel Construction Site:

The Customhouse Quay bldg site (the foundations are well underway, so should see some good progress on this one in a few months)

The new Ministry of Defence HQ (note the subtle military colouring)

The woolhouse bldg, which is being extended sideways and on top with a couple more levels
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Is that a serious question- Asking what the Ministry of Defence bldg is for? :runaway:
Oh, well in that case, why didn't ya say. I think the new building is needed to house the entire ministry, as curently they are spread out over a number of cbd bldgs. Same with the new Minstry for the Environment building, being built in Throndon- to house the entire ministry in one building.
I'm always sceptical of the way they do rooftop additions.
KingKong1 said:
I reckon a roof top addition to the tower insurance building would look stunning, i like the clash of old and new, they did a good job to hsbc tower down there
Now I fell like im picking on you.

Are you serious though? The HSBC development was voted as one of worst examples of heritage restoration in Wellington by the New Zealand Institute of Architects(NZIA). All the developer did was demolish 90% of the historic building onsite, leaving the front of it as a facade for the parking levels.
Oh yeah, I like the HSBC tower too, its fine, and fits in well with the urban environment of Lambton Quay quite well. I just dont like how they have done the lower, heritage building inclusion, levels, which look silly
Cool pic bro.
What im referrig to is in the lower left of the picture, or the north-western part of the tower. You can seethe historic facade which covers the carparking levels clearly. The windows are blank.
Nice pic. That was taken from the old post exhange bldg (the big old art deco one), which is also being converted into a cool looking residential/ commercial/ retail precinct. I think its called chaffers dock.
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