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WELLINGTON: City Development (Part 1)

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Covering all new developments/ and projects under construction in the Capital City of Wellington. Will update when needed.

Bolton Apartments, 20 levels.

Status- nearing completion externally

Museum Apartments, 10 levels

Status- under construction

Holiday Inn Hotel-Apartment Tower, 14 levels

Status- approved. I was in Wellington a week or so ago, and walked past the site, there was a large billboard up advertising the project, so all looks set to go.

There is a proposed 12 level mulit-use tower opposite the Duxton Hotel on Jervois Quay corner, subject to a resource consent.

There are 2 new Government Ministry buildings, one under construction for the Ministry for the Environment (10 levels), and one about to be built for the Ministry of Defence, 10 levels also.
Both are in the Thorndon area, adjacent to the CBD/Parliament.

Also, the Wellington City Council has recently taken in development proposals for a sizeable site in the CBD, known as "Chews Lane", which has variying height restrrictions, but can go up to 90m on one part. Nothing has yet been decided, but it will contain a mix of retail. apartments and office.

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Thanks for the comments.
When you are next in Wellington, go and visit the building, so you can see what i'm talking about, there is a historic facade, which covers over the parking levels, and the windows have been bakced with a concrete wall. There are other examples of this sort of architectural blasphemy in Auckland too, such as the BNZ tower, and the Toshiba/Sofrana bldg (cnr Queen St and Mayoral Dr).
I love the design of that, very interesting.

It could be summised as; Wellington 'thinks of things' (and does them), while Auckland 'does things' (and thinks of it after), lol. In other words, collectively, Auckland is hard working, while Wellington is Intelligent. Complementary you might say.
Indeed, Wellingotn is doing well these days with its architecture.
Ah cool, I saw that article too, was gonna post it. Go wellington!
Yes indeed a good design will make all the difference.
I am wondering, though, how the tower gets within the 95m height limit. 27 levels of office is around 110 (27x4m). So say half of the floors are apartments, that makes 42m (14 floors, at 3m), and the rest office/[email protected] a floor, which is 52m (14x4), plus plant room of 2-3m. This makes a total height of 97m, lol. And no room for architectural features. Maybe the 27 levels includes plant room. I'm sure the council would grant them an exemption from the height limit if the breach was only for a spire or something.
Yea, if I was the city planner I would allow it, because it is in keeping with the dominant character of the area (ie; high rise). The limit should be at least 120 or so, at least the height of the tallest current building. There might be a reason for the limit that i'm not aware of, i'll have to read the Wellington City Council District Plan.
Hey astro, if you still have that article, do you think you could post it on here?
Cheers for that astro. Sounds quite promising then :cheers:
Yes it is sam, they added 3 more levels on top, and widened existing floors out to Customhouse Quay, which is being cladded in shiny new glass.
Oh wow thats a fair achievement. I'm in Wellington this weekend so i'll see what I can find;)
Progress pics:
At the Martime Tower site:

Across the road at the Holiday Inn site:

Same site, from another angle:

That new office bldg on Customhouse Quay:
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Yea it was great!
Yea it was! There was snow on the ranges east of Wellington on Sunday morning! Brrrr
New 14 level tower

Boutique city hotel planned

13 July 2005

Tourists intent on enjoying all Courtenay Place has to offer will be able to stay there 24 hours a day if a new hotel is approved.

Two Wellington businessmen want to build a boutique hotel at the eastern end of Courtenay Place, above the old McDonald's building.

The $30 million 14-storey Hotel Rococo would have about 40 hotel rooms and a similar number of serviced apartments.

It would be set back 30 metres from the Courtenay Place frontage and the McDonald's building would be retained. The main entrance would be on Alpha St on a site that is now used for car parking. The resource consent application was publicly notified by Wellington City Council, mainly because the building will be about four storeys above the area's height limit.

Development partners Glen Hooker and Graeme Hunt say the hotel will fill a gap in the market, with no other luxury hotels in the area.

In the past, they have refurbished the nearby Cambridge Hotel and developed the concept designs for the Sanctum apartment complex.

Mr Hooker said those projects had been successful because they took account of the surrounding urban environment, which was also a focus of the new hotel's design.

"We recognised the importance of doing something that fitted into the Courtenay character area," he said.

"The idea is only to offer accommodation, and let Courtenay Place service clients (for food, drink and entertainment)."

The building was designed to fit in with the area, and in particular would not detract from the adjacent heritage Adelphi building.

It was among a cluster of taller buildings, including the Base Backpackers building, so its height would not be out of place, he said.

Despite the number of new hotels opening in central Wellington – including the Bolton, the Museum Hotel extension, the Just Hotel and the Holiday Inn – Mr Hooker was confident there was room for more top-end rooms, particularly serviced apartments.

(I have a render, will scan and post later.)
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Yea I do like the sound of this new waterfront development, with its environmental theme
Some update pics....

The Holiday Inn Hotel
From the Railway Station:

Looking north:

Maritime Tower:

That new tower on the waterfront:

The new Aldins bldg:
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Interesting website, Cheers!
Good news. I've seen the design too, didn't look too bad.
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