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WELLINGTON: City Development (Part 1)

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Covering all new developments/ and projects under construction in the Capital City of Wellington. Will update when needed.

Bolton Apartments, 20 levels.

Status- nearing completion externally

Museum Apartments, 10 levels

Status- under construction

Holiday Inn Hotel-Apartment Tower, 14 levels

Status- approved. I was in Wellington a week or so ago, and walked past the site, there was a large billboard up advertising the project, so all looks set to go.

There is a proposed 12 level mulit-use tower opposite the Duxton Hotel on Jervois Quay corner, subject to a resource consent.

There are 2 new Government Ministry buildings, one under construction for the Ministry for the Environment (10 levels), and one about to be built for the Ministry of Defence, 10 levels also.
Both are in the Thorndon area, adjacent to the CBD/Parliament.

Also, the Wellington City Council has recently taken in development proposals for a sizeable site in the CBD, known as "Chews Lane", which has variying height restrrictions, but can go up to 90m on one part. Nothing has yet been decided, but it will contain a mix of retail. apartments and office.

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mtb_nz said:
Quote from the Dominion post today….

A Big new office and apartment block is set to tower above Wellington’s Willis St following the demolition of buildings there.

The 27-storey building will be on a site now occupied the buildings at 70-80 Willis St

The building, which will be inside the 95-metre height limit, is being designed by Richard Kay of Peddle Thorp Montgomery.

Clem Griffiths, the owner of the site buildings to be demolished, says the new building “will make the adjacent Majestic Centre look dated”.
I can't wait to see a rendering of the proposed project. Once again I must just add that Wellington has an amazing skyline for a city of approximately 300 000 and seems to be getting better and better.
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Yeah, i think alot of people are suprised by Wellingtons skyline, and i agree that it may be hard creating such an amazing building with such height restrictions. A good looking building of that height is possible though, its basically building a "mobil on the park" next to the majestic.Will fill in that gap between that building and the BNZ which is a start... hopefully its a "permission for additional height" case that deems successful. I still have the article from 2004 when Clem Griffiths initiated the idea of a new high-rise on the site. Got a shock when i saw that it was still going through. Willis st's gonna be pretty hot with that and chews lanes 60m buildings. :)
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Hey astro, if you still have that article, do you think you could post it on here?
Dom Post Article, 2003

flyin_higher said:
Hey astro, if you still have that article, do you think you could post it on here?
One of Wellington's best-known building sites is to have a revamp with property investor Clem Griffiths announcing plans for a 24-level apartment and retail complex. The building will be on two properties at 70-80 willis st, on land which once hosted the Britannia hotel. Before the 1987 stockmarket crash, the area was marked for a big commercial development.
More than 15-years on, Mr Griffiths plans to realise the sites potential with a building featuring four levels of retailing in which existing tenants will be offered space. The development is subject to resource consent but Mr Griffiths said that the building will be within the councils 95m height limit. "Some peoples views will be blocked out. I'm very sorry about that, it's not intentional, its progress"
The development was already attracting interest, despite being at an early stage.
"The shopping plaza is half-leased and we havn't even gone to market; we want to create something that people will want to come to".
There will be two levels of lock-up space, one for the retailers and one for the apartment dwellers, above the retail plaza. Apartments will take up the remaining 18 levels. Mr Griffiths has bought the top two levels for himself and his wife, while the other 16-levels will have 6 units on each floor. He predicted buyers looking for inner-city residential locations would flock to the development. Mr Grffiths, who owns the Tug Boat on the Bay said that he had yet to set selling prices for the apartments.
Construction would not begin for about two years, he said.

And here we are in 2005 and it's all looking pretty good :D
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Cheers for that astro. Sounds quite promising then :cheers:
Nearly done

The new tenants are going to be Deloitte. I hope they put illuminated signage up the top.
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Good update Astro !

Nice to see some Steel construction go up Quickly ! :)
That looks awesome man. Wellington gets some cool buildings!
lol, I almost crashed my car the other day when I was driving past that building... I think I was staring at it too much... its looking quite nice now :)
atkinson1 said:
That looks awesome man. Wellington gets some cool buildings!
Yeah they do... apart from that orange one next door.

Is that a refurbishment/extention of an existing building?
Yes it is sam, they added 3 more levels on top, and widened existing floors out to Customhouse Quay, which is being cladded in shiny new glass.
after the recent update with Wellington on Emporis, Wellington now has more skyscrapers then Perth or Adelaide. Im sure theres still more we can add.
Oh wow thats a fair achievement. I'm in Wellington this weekend so i'll see what I can find;)
Progress pics:
At the Martime Tower site:

Across the road at the Holiday Inn site:

Same site, from another angle:

That new office bldg on Customhouse Quay:
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^^^ Fabulous pics, did you have a gr8 weekend ?
Yea it was great!
was a damn bloody cold weekend in wellington though aye?

yeah the Holiday Inn building is coming along quite nicely :)
Yea it was! There was snow on the ranges east of Wellington on Sunday morning! Brrrr
Chews Lane

Willis streets new precints plans have been released. The new Chews Lane is said to rival Auckland's Vulcan Lane when completed. Wellington doesn't really have a high fashion hub, though Lambton isn't far off... Here's what the finished product should look like.

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chews lane...

checked it out the other day (chews lane), looks like it will be a great investment for that part of wellington.

check out (developers: willis and bond).

noticed this new building hasn't yet been posted:
7-8 level building on college street next to the Trinity development.
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