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Wells Fargo Plaza, Houston

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Old School
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Wells Fargo Plaza
Houston, USA

HEIGHT: 302m/991 feet
FLOORS: 71 floors
ARCHITECT: Skidmore, Owings and Merrill (SOM)

Houston has already established itself as an energy center, and has been struggling to establish a native banking industry. These efforts are repeatedly thwarted by the buyouts and mergers so common in that sector. Thus, we have Wells Fargo Bank Plaza, formerly the Allied Bank plaza. It was built to say "money." The architects achieve this through a unique structure. From the ground the building appears like any other glass-clad rounded monolith. But from the air you can see it is formed from two semicircles arranged to mimic the shape of a dollar sign ($). This form however has its drawbacks. Most significantly when combined with its narrow proximity to neighboring towers, Louisiana Street forms a vortex of wind, making life at street level miserable. Houston is used to harsh treatment from Mother Nature, and that's why the downtown tunnel system was created. The Wells Fargo Bank Plaza thwarts nature's wind-lashing by putting its pedestrian plazas and cafes below street level. This also provides easy access to the tunnel system, and creates a debate over exactly how tall the building really is. From street level, it is 71-stories, or 970-feet. But if most of your tenants enter through pedestrian plazas somewhat lower, does that increase the building's official height? This is only an issue because Wells Fargo Bank Plaza is the second-tallest building in the city, behind Chase Tower at 75-stories and 1,002 feet. But does the tower's essential subterranean element count towards this goal, and would it change the ranking?


By Spirit
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Sleek and tall..but a bit bland.

I dont think it has an exact dollar shape. I think its floor plan consists of two quadrants placed opposite together to form an S shape.

so, i live in detroit now
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much, much, much better than chase.

(of course, that's all an opinion)

Blue, (my favourite colour) and GLASS! yippee!


NP: Atlanta Rhythm Section - I Am So Into You

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Boring, boring and more boring.

Did I mention it was boring?

It has nothing decent to reflect with all that glass and screams "80's" so loud I'm tempted to put on mauve leg warmers and listen to Cindy Lauper. I didn't like the 80's. ;)


Don't be that guy!
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It looks very "basic". Not too exciting. Nice Houston tradition...6/10

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Having it round on one side gives this building alittle charactor but it is just a glass box


Veteran Lurker
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Some people actually gave it a 10? Pfft.

5.0 just because it is tall. Other then that it is a plain glass building. The curves don't make it better's still a glass thing-a-ma-gig.
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