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West Bar Development

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New residential development proposed on the west bar roundabout / lambert street next door to the fire museum and surrounding the listed building, not yet registered but looking pretty good. Some nice height differences, design and sympathetic to the surrounding architecture. When its done i'll post the link. might be a while yet though the computer servers are down.

Thats 3 main projects on west bar now including western tower and of course the citadel further down its looking like its going to be revitalised very exciting.
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This is the development Lynx mentioned, to go on the corner of West Bar and Lambert St. (Link is here)

If I am not mistaken, from reading through the documents the below renders show the original plans for the development with a metal/copper cladding on a 8-9 storey building. The old ones were in my opinion a lot more interesting but after consultation with Council planners the height and scale of the building were reduced and alternative materials are now being proposed.
Though perhaps a bit more sympathetic to the old Fire Station, the new design is rather boring, cheap and non-descriptive.

The original plans

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Definately, the first one appears to be a striking building, the new will be just another development.

Still I suppose it still looks quite good
But why oh why is it all so square? These people have no imagination!
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