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West Midlands Police/Warwickshire Police?

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According to icBirmingham, Warwickshire Police are beginning a consultation period about merging with Coventry police (Which is currently in the West Midlands force.)

Anyone heard anything else about this? I know the Chief Constable of Warwickshire for years has been asking to be merged with Coventry for years - the odd geographical shape of Warwickshire and its rural nature means it struggles with resources. Apparently.

Interestingly, the Coventry ambulance service was demerged from West Midlands and joined with Warwickshire.
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Personally I think not just the Police in Cov went back to being Warks, but the city itself. The West Midlands should be the urban mass of Solihull to Birmingham to Wolvo.
BTW Hereford and Worcs have divided again to become individual counties. I think West Mercia have the worst job of money attracting - have you seen the size of Shrops, Hereford and Worcs together!
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