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West Midlands Police/Warwickshire Police?

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According to icBirmingham, Warwickshire Police are beginning a consultation period about merging with Coventry police (Which is currently in the West Midlands force.)

Anyone heard anything else about this? I know the Chief Constable of Warwickshire for years has been asking to be merged with Coventry for years - the odd geographical shape of Warwickshire and its rural nature means it struggles with resources. Apparently.

Interestingly, the Coventry ambulance service was demerged from West Midlands and joined with Warwickshire.
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I'm not suprised, Hereford and Worcester Fire brigade have similar problems. If there is a serious situation in Greater Bham resources are drawn from the surrounding area and this can leave rural areas of Staffs and H&W thin, which they rightly see as a problem.
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