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Welcome to Ghana's dedicated Oil and Gas Free Port , an outstanding infrastructure, strategically located within the Gulf of Guinea and in the heart of Ghana's oil and gas enclave. Atuabo Free Port will be the gateway to West Africa's offshore oil and gas industry and a regional hub supporting the activities of not only the upstream oil and gas companies but also the service companies that support them. The Free Port will provide a 18.5m deep channel and three quays of varying depths from 16.5m , 12m and 9m, clear activity zones including Offshore Logistics, Subsea Fabrication, Rig and Vessel Repair, Business Technology Park and General Business Support Infrastructure. This combined with heavy lilt capabilities at the quayside all within a Free Zone, ensures the customers of Atuabo Free Port are able to access and operate within a facility that offers them a competitive and efficient one stop shop from which to support the West African Oil and Gas Industry.

Atuabo Free Port Ltd is a Ghanaian incorporated Company.

Atuabo Free Port has been designed to be a fully integrated oil and gas logistics and industrial hub Meeting the requirements of the oil and gas industry undertaking exploration, development and maintenance activities in the the Gulf of Guinea. The Free Port will be operational in 2016.

Atuabo Free Port will provide;
World Class facilities to support the oil and gas industry.
A new center of excellence for the West African oil and gas industry.
Accommodation, office and warehouse space to suit customer’s needs and specifications
Cargoes stored on the dock or in secure warehouses.
Technical industry expertise and skills in Ghana supporting the regional industry
Duty exempt environment to allow efficient and cost effective transshipment of goods, equipment and materials.
To be the leading Oil and Gas Free Port in the Gulf of Guinea and comparable to the worlds best integrated oil and gas logistics base.

To provide a safe and efficient environment for upstream related companies to operate safely 24/7 in support of their Ghana and regional operations.
To meet the service requirements of our clients and customers to their expectation and satisfaction ensuring an efficient oil and gas industry.
To provide and deliver world class facilities and services provided to international oil and gas industry standards to attract and sustain the development of upstream and downstream oil and gas industry at Atuabo Free Port.


Atuabo Free Port is a duty free port. All goods imported into Atuabo Free Port are exempted from duties and taxes for the period the goods remain in Atuabo Free Port. Experienced shipping, freight forwarding, packing and customs agents will be available at Atuabo Free Port.

Located in the heart of the new oil enclave of the Western Region of Ghana. With its designation as a Free Port for the Oil and Gas Industry by the Government of Ghana it will provide the business environment to support the growing oil and gas industry in the Gulf of Guinea and enhance the economic growth of the region.

Atuabo Free Port has 4 distinct areas within the development to create a one stop shop for the Oil and Gas Industry.

Logistics base to support the supply chain to offshore platforms with facilities for companies available that include warehousing, open storage yards and offices
Subsea Fabrication base to enable the service companies to construct larger subsea elements for the industry within Ghana.

Oil Rig and Support Vessel Repair base for vessel owners to be able undertake repairs, modifications and re-certification works.

Business Support Infrastructure that provides facilities to operate efficiently and cost effectively including aerodrome for fixed and rotary wing , full employee accommodation,warehousing and office space to suit customers needs and specifications.

Sheltered mooring for two vessels within the harbor basin.

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