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Hi mate. Foreigners know Italy just for famous cities like Florence, Venice or Rome. The whole country is full of cities and incredible places: each one have something of different, even the more tiny! Probable you not believe me, but even for me there are so much places to discover, and every time is a magic. Surely you should do a lot of travels here, if you want to enjoy our art/history/culture.

1) First of all...what kind of holiday you want?
- UNESCO World Heritages
- Nature and Wildlife
- Biggest Art Cities
- Middle / Little Art Cities
- Gastronomy and history
- Culture and entertainment
- Religion places
- Shopping and fun
- other

2) How much money do you have?

3) In which season/period you want to come here?

Try to answer to my questions, to facilitate the search ;) Hope I can help you. If you want know more, ask me. :)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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