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I think the title is self explanatory.

Mine are as follows:

1956 Mercury Montclair

Audi S8

Volkswagen Phaeton

Nissan Gloria/Cedric (older Infinity M45 here in the states)

Mercury Marauder

Lincoln Zephyr

I have alot more I just can't think right now.

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Man those SUV's are friggin ugly, impala's will draw way too much negative police attention for me.

Best 2 door styles...

Possibly the most proven racing design ever....

Porsche 993, cant forget the drop-top.

Ill take an oldschool from 64....

Widebody M3

Is this the most beautifull car ever?...

As for whats out now ill take one of these....


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WAY too many favorites for me to choose!

But I'll order here for me, just listing a few...

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado: just a good looking SUV! I wish they sold them here in the US. They have a version of it here as the lexus GX470, but it's just very expensive.

Lexus IS: Great looking sports sedan-I dream ofhaving one.

Lexus LS: I'm a lexus loyalist. if I have to choose between the Benz S class and the LS(assuming I getmad rich or something), then I'll choose the LS no doubt.

Peugot 407: one of the best looking cars being made today. It really sucsk that Peugots don't find their way to the US at all...

man, there are too many more cars I like to list-I don't even have a favorite.
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