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What are your thoughts on Tower 42?

What are your thoughts on Tower 42?

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Just wondering what you think about Tower 42? :)

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Id support a height increase, 180 seems to common nowadays
I don't think that the City skyline would work without it. With all the new glass facade towers popping up, as well as the 100m midrises being given the same treatment, it really balances the cluster out and avoids the monotonous effect that the Moscow IBC could be described as, with the number of unusual designs ending up overbearing and contrived. Also from Norwood/Dulwich/C. palace, It stretches out the cluster south, and avoids a wall effect. Add that to being an 'iconic' design (in a subtle way), and it forms an indispensable part of our skyline. Ground level is dire, though
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Always loved its curvaceous yet industrial look.
Total classic from Mr Seifert. Tallest core-cantilevered tower on completion. Should be listed if it isn't already.
Looks like classical office architecture.

So, it may look too old from distance, but when you're close to that building, it feels like it was built recently
I have always thought that the building should be listed....
I love it very 70's looking and definetly is a landmark
The image of the 'City of London' would not be complete without Tower 42. It was the first real skyscraper of note in London, it has a classic, industrial look and I think it's great.

And yes, it should be listed. As someone else said above, it helps to balance the architectural styles of the skyscrapers in The City.
I remember staying in the Tower Hotel in '79 and '80 as a kid, and seeing this building from a distance. Absolutely British. Love it
There are some nice construction images of it in the bbc 70s series on rv
Not a big fan, it's just an awful colour!
Wow thanks for finding the great pics of construction.
Yeah, thanks for those rare pics. I think its quite difficult to google all those pics....
New lighting scheme being tested on Tower 42 tonight 15 May.
Probably take a few night to get the scheme fully operational like Heron Tower did.

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