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What car are you driving?

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In this thread we can show each other what are we usually driving and what we drove in the past.

Here's my list:

I usually drive my parents cars:

2008 Chevrolet Aveo sedan - 1.4 petrol engine, 94 hp

2005 Renault Clio sedan - 1.5 diesel engine, 78 hp

Cars that I drove in the past (as far as I can remember):
Audi 80
Dacia SupeRNova
Dacia SupeRNova - driving school
ARO IMS - old car (1952) without brakes
Renault 19
Opel Kadett
VW Passat
Opel Corsa
Renault Laguna
Dacia Logan
Dacia Sandero
Dacia 1310 pick-up
Toyota Corolla
Ford F-150
Mazda MPV
Seat Cordoba
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this thread will be funny:)

old car (1952) without brakes

so with chevrolet you are overtaking all the vehicles on your videos? :)
My dads car : Opel vectra 1.8 GTS 140 hp

Cars that i drove in the past ( from Test drives or Rental cars)

Audi A4 B7 and B8 1.8 TFSI Quattro S-line ( rental )
Seat Leon 1.4 ( rental )
Seat Ibiza 1.2 ( rental )
Alfa Romeo 159 1.8 ( rental )
Hyundai i10 ( rental )
BMW E90 316i ( rental )
Alfa Romeo Giuletta 1.4 multiair ( test drive )
VW passat 1.8 TSI ( test drive )
VW Golf GTI ( test drive )
Now, I'm driving KIA RIO 2007 1.5 diesel engine, 110 hp

In the past I drove Ford Escrot 1997 1.6 petrol engine 97 hp
2008 VW Passat V6 FSI 4Motion
My 2004 Ford Ranger is my principal mode of transportation. V 6 petrol engine. Part time 4X4 (electronic shift), 4spd manual w/OD (No wussmatics for this member :tongue2: :D ) The truck is loaded down for work and the revolving light is a magnet mount, so it can be taken off if I don't need it.

My most recent acquisition, a 2009 Yamaha WR250R that I bought new this spring. (Surplus stock) Too bad it's been a cruddy summer weather wise.

I can't drive yet... but when next year I get the driving license, I will drive a 1999 Honda Civic that currently my parents are driving and I saw since I was a kid!
2003 Mercedes-Benz E500

It was funny, a few months ago I was actually looking at the brand new Sentra's and Versa's but when I saw this at the dealership, I knew I had to have this. Plus, I dont like the way the new Nissan's look but hey, who cares, a used car is just as good as a new car anyways.
I have:

VW Golf IV 1.6 from 2001
I own a 2004 Renault Kangoo for tax reasons. Commercial vans from 2004 or before were excluded from purchase tax, which saves 42% of the price. I only had to pay VAT (19%). It is also cheap in insurance (all-risk) and road tax.

I wanted to drive a post-2003 turbodiesel car because of my mileage, and I wanted airconditioning. I eventually bought this Renault Kangoo over 2 years ago. I've driven 47.000 kilometers in the past 27 months with it.

This is my car: Opel Corsa D from 2007.

15052010_001 by OMC_RO, on Flickr
Still drive a 2007 Peugeot 407 2.0.
nice progress Verso. from 405 to 407 in a couple of years :eek:kay:

I live in France, so my car is Renault. :) Laguna 1.6 110 hp year 1998.

now, isn't that a great shot. anybody would guess where was it taken? ;)

I drive also Audi A6 C6 2.0 TDI occasionaly, its my dads. good wagen. :)

I don't have my drivers license yet. Yet I have 4 bikes, of which 2 still work :D
Renault Clio or Peugeot 306 (Estate), both 1998 but still somehow working ;D
Honda Accord 1.8 (y. 2000) with complete equipment and 255.000 km currently. It still has some years to serve me. Next one will almost certainly be an Accord too, of course not new.
nice progress Verso. from 405 to 407 in a couple of years :eek:kay:
I've been driving a 407 since 2007. :)

wait a minute, isn't that behind bogdymol's chevreolet view on Izola (Slo) ??,13.635578&cbp=12,0,,0,5&photoid=po-35305271
Hmm, excellent observation.
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