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What Chicago newspaper do you like the most?

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Also, do you read any other newspapers outside of the Chicago area?
What is the political persuasion of those newspapers in your view?
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I read the Tribune. Generally, it's conservative.
What happened to Don Wycliff, the public editor? Tim McNulty is now the public editor. Do you know anything about him?
Generally, I prefer the Tribune for its in-depth national and international coverage. However, I also like the Sun-Times for its exposés on local issues affecting Chicagoans (corruption scandals, slumlords, etc.).
Sun-Times! It's so good, it has two front pages. :)
The Chicago Tribune seems to get more liberal as time goes on. Ever since it was bought out in 1969 when McCormick died it became way less biased toward the right. Before that it was a right-wing rag. The only part of it that is even remotely conservative is the editorial page, and it is moderate most of the time that I have ever read it. The writers tend to be moderate or liberal. The op-ed page is moderate to liberal. It also covers all news including news that hurts republicans. It has also endorsed some liberal democrats like Barak Obama and others. Do you feel the same whay as me?
wheelingman said:
Do you feel the same whay as me?

There was a time in Chicago when the Sun Times was clearly liberal and the Tribune was clearly conservative. Now, both papers are pretty much moderate. They both have some liberal writers and some conservative writers.
I like the Trib and the Reader
The Tribune has some great foreign news. I read bits of each of the two papers online. But my favorite Chicago-oriented newspaper is Crain's Chicago Business, although there have been some changes recently that I haven't liked. For example, more of the newspaper seems to be devoted to 'business advice' these days than hard news.
^ The Tribune is one of the top newspapers for world news in the U.S. for sure. They even have there own foreign bureau.
In my opinion, they're all crap. If I have to read a newspaper, I read The New York Times.

But, if I have to read a Chicago paper, I go for the Chicago Tribune because at least it makes an attempt to appear serious.
eon said:
In my opinion, they're all crap. If I have to read a newspaper, I read The New York Times.

eon: Do you also do stand-up?
I love Sunday Tribune's real estate section. This is a must for Sunday morning with a mug of freshly brewed coffee.
ur chicago
In truth, though, if I seriously want some news, I go online.

Chicago Trib, Chicago Sun Times, CNN, and NYTimes. That's where I get my news.
^ The Chicago Tribune is a pretty good newspaper. The Sun-Times is alright, but it mostly has Assciated Press stories and not its own stories except local and state news. I am a newsbuff so when I have time I will look at other newspapers online like the NY Times, the Philadelphia Inquirer, and sometimes CNN online. I read the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette in print since I live near Pittsburgh. If I ever lived in Chicago, I would read it online.
Suntimes is more Chicago and these past couple years they have scooped the conservative Tribune on some really big scandles in City and State. Plus they have local writers talking about Chicago stuff. When I read the Tribune I smell the foul odor of the "burbs" spilling through its pages.

For use to be the Tribune...but they started editorializing their stories and only reporting pro-Bush view points on the war. So I pretty much only buy them on Sundays to get updates on buildings.

Love Skyline for Anne Gerber!!! And local neighborhood news.
Love the Inside which tells lots of information about the northside of town

Read both the Chicago Free Press and Windy City Times for the gay side of things

All over the board on out of town media....
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