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What is Auto Parking?

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Automated car Parking is a method of automatically parking and retrieving cars that typically use a system of pallets and lifts. The intention is to compact more cars in the same space, reduce the space needed to park the same number of cars. Automated car parks can be situated above or below ground or a combination of both !

Benefits of Auto Parking

1. Optimal utilization of space Accommodates maximum cars in minimum space. It can be sited above or below the ground or a combination of both and designed to accommodate any number of cars.*
2. Lower construction cost It is cost effective in terms of construction cost.

3. Low maintenance and operational cost

4. Safety of vehicle
MLCPS provide complete safety to a vehicle as parked cars are not accessible to anyone else.

5. Environment friendly
Outdoor space saved can be put to good use with gardens and landscaping or additional buildings. It also significantly reduces noise and other pollutants.*
6. Benefit to a driver
Auto car parking systems makes parking easier and less stressful.*
7. Benefit to builder
Financial gains by saving precious real estate space.

If you need more infor about Auto car parking, Pls contact with me

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