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I was looking at the destination points of O'Hare at Wiki and noticed that many major cities are left of Chicagos direct access. Even cities that Houston, Atlanta, Dallas, Washington, etc. are not serving (or serving soon). Out of these cities that there is no direct service to (or others that you can find) would you like to see be served at O'Hare in the near future (or rate them in order of importantce for future service)...

-Rio De Janeiro
-Santiago, Chile
-Johannesburg or Cape Town

I think Rio and Moscow would be good choices for United to pick up on. They don't have much inroads into eastern Europe and Chicago does have a substantial Russian population. Rio would also be a good seasonal destination in the winter I would imagine. South Africa is also becoming more popular with African American travelers and would provide the first non-eastern city with links to sothern Africa.
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