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What part of the Northeast reminds you most about the West?

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Is there a city, town, or region in the Northeast US that reminds you of the Western US (MT, WY, CO, NM, on west), or even the Great Plains on west? Obviously, it doesn't necessarily mean a place influenced by the West, since the East really influenced the West, rather than vice versa.

Where a place in the Northeast feels like the West could be the built environment, the culture, the landscape, or anything like that.
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For me, one place that reminds me of out West, especially in the fall, is the Northern Tier of Pennsylvania. Tioga and Potter Counties of Pennsylvania are the center of that, but places in northern Lycoming County, or places in Bradford, Sullivan, Forest, and McKean Counties could also be included.

The natural scenery and the culture make it feel like it belongs in the alpine regions of the west, like the Rockies in Colorado, the Sierra Nevadas in California, the Sawtooths in Idaho, or some place like that.

The scenery makes me think of those places because of the mountains, even though they are smaller and more rounded than out west. The culture of the lumber industry, with lumber jacks, saw mills, crytozoological animals like the squonk that lumbermen thought they saw, and so on seem like something from out West.

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Geologically similar to above, the "canyons" cut into the Allegany Plateau in the Finger Lakes/Southern Tier of New York make the list; in the pic below, take away the trees and you would feel like you are in Utah. Numerous of the "gullys" (canyons) in these areas have a significant amount of exposed rock and look pretty western:

Genesee Gorge/Letchworth St Park

Also an odd outlier, Chimney Bluffs on Lake Ontario is a strangely western landscape:

Also, honestly, winter pics of the High Peaks (Adirondacks NY) could easily be mistaken for higher mountain ranges out west to the casual observer:
(View From Casacade Mtn, Adirondacks)

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I never heard of the Chimney Bluffs! Take away the lake in the background, and that looks a little like Monument Valley in northeast Arizona and southeast Utah!
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