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What to do in Taipei?

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I'm visiting Taipei next weekend so I was just wondering if any Taiwan forumers have any suggestions for things to see/do/take photos of. Obviously I'm aware of Taipei 101 and Snake Alley, but do any of you have any other recommendations (especially for good photographic locations)? Also, is there one area of the city which can be classed as the 'main' area?

I'm also hoping to check out Taroko Gorge as well, so any information or advice on where to go there would be appreciated too.

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- hike to the top of the Datun volcano in Yamingshan
- visit the hot springs in Wulai
- climb Elephant Mountain - the hill behind Taipei 101 is full of hiking trails and offers lots of good photo opportunities.
- nightmarkets
- National Palace Museum
- 228 Museum
- Dihua St. is another good photo spot.
- Jinguashih (60 min. from Taipei) includes the cottage built for the Crown Prince of Japan, Gold Museum, and WWII POW memorial.
Take note that most local people don't go to "Snake Alley". Most people I know don't like that place after they have been there.
"Snake Alley" doesn't really represent Taiwan, so I don't suggest u to go there.

I know Taiwan's governmnet likes to promote this place as a tourist spot, but i think it is outdated and will only give other people bad impression of Taiwan.
What is snake valley? I grew up in Taipei and have never heard of it.
It's an alley that seems like it came right out of the 80s. It's a bit...'low class,' if I can use that term, but I don't mean that against poor people. It's just a bunch of vendors that taunt and slaughter snakes and then sell the meat and their blood for 'medicinal' purposes. Of course there are no medicinal purposes, but it gets a rise out of people.
I've been trying to plan a trip to Taiwan the past several times I stayed in never seems to work out with my schedule. Hopefully this summer.
Apart from what others here have mentioned already, you could try take photos of Taipei at night while on the Miramar Ferris Wheel. Should be a good view up there, particularly at night.

Would be great if you can share the photos with us, as well as in the Cityscapes and Skyline Photos section.

Have fun!

to get to taroko gorge probably the best way is either by tour bus or by the east-coast rail
Taroko gorge is just north of the east coast city Hualien. The time it would take to go from Taipei to Hualien is approx 6 hours (not really sure, just an estimate) since there isn't a high speed highway on the east coast, just normal ~60 kmph highway. The eastern coast of Taiwan is simply beautiful though, as are the mountain ranges.
Thanks for taking the time to post your advice/suggestions guys. Hopefully I'll be able to repay the favor by posting some nice Taiwan pics in the next month or so. Keep an eye out for my next thread!
you should check out a place called xi men ding.
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