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What to see in L.A?

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Hi guys i'm going to come in USA this summer and i'll visit for sure Los Angeles...I wanna know what can I see in a three day trip!! Thank you for all your answers!!!
Ask me for Milan questions!!!:)
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You can check out this thread first:

but L.A. is soooo really depends on what you are interested in seeing. What are your interests?
Thank you! well... architecture, cinema, shopping(my girlfriend...hehe), maybe some excursions...
Heres a couple of ideas for you. For cool California vibe you have to check out Sta Monica and then walk down to Venice beach from there. Your girl might like to go shopping at the Grove or maybe go to the Beverly Center. They have a great Ferrari store there on one of the upper levels. She might also get a kick out of getting a coffee on the sidewalk of North Robertson and doing some starspotting. Some streets are cool to walk down and watch local people, I reckon Melrose and Sunset are good for that. I havent been downtown in years but people seem to think it is worth seeing now, Im just not sure about that. Griffith Park in the evening is a romantic place as well, seeing the city lights from the Observatory is a real LA cliche but really worth it.
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anyone knows where is it possible renting a scooter (from 50cc to 250cc) in Santa Monica or near by? thx
Read up on some other sites and came to the conclusion that, as some have pointed out there, it would be similar to commiting suicide to mix a Vespa or other motorscooter in L. A. traffic. Even in Santa Monica. Riding down to Venice would be dangerous too. It's not Paris in springtime, or Roman Holiday here. You'd be smooshed! Plus, you need a California motorcycle license. You could always rent a bicycle and use the bike path on the beach.​​
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thanx for the advice....little bit afraid for this..but ok...
I'm looking into purchasing a scooter and friends of mine ride scooters in LA as their primary vehicle and no one has been "smooshed". What a way to further a baseless stereotype.
It would be cool if your scooter looked like this:
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Smooshing is a definite possibility. On a scooter, you only need to be smooshed once. I wouldn't drive a 'smart' car down there!​
Definite smooshage!​
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‘Walking with Dinosaurs’ terrorizing the Staples Center in September​
by Rich Alossi​
on September 1, 2008​
From September 25-28, the Staples Center packs in 200 million years of evolutionary history with Walking with Dinosaurs, the live animatronic show on tour in the US this year based on the hit BBC series of the same name.

The spectacle brings 15 life-sized creatures to life, including a raptor, stegosaurus, brachiosaur and Tyrannosaurus Rex, exploring the interactions between carnivores and herbivores, and how each evolved to survive in prehistoric times. Dino fight scene, anyone?

If you have any doubt as to the abilities of present-day animatronic engineers, check out the behind-the-scenes video of the Walking with Dinosaurs workshop after the jump. As a former paleontology nerd (seriously), you can bet I’ll be there.

Ticket prices range from $26.00 to $79.50.

As a special promotion, receive a $5.00 discount for shows on Thursday, September 25 and Friday, September 26 by entering term “JURASSIC” when prompted. The offer applies to tickets with a base price of $36.00 and $46.00 only.

Skip the traffic and go Downtown via the Metro Red, Purple or Blue lines. Short walk from 7th Street/Metro Center Station and the Pico Blue Line station.

Walking with Dinosaurs: The Live Experience
Staples Center Arena
September 25-28, 2008
Tickets via Ticketmaster
Saw this at the Thomas and Mack Center last year.​
Better than the average Laker game! :)
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^^ Oooo!!! Activity for me and my friends!
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