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Q: Do you risk your health to take good pics?
Me: Yeah - with all the photography trips at silly hours of the day/night, and all the lenses and miscellaneous crap left lying around the house, the missus is going to seriously harm my health any day now.

Q: What are you good at?
Me: Drinking beer.

Q: What are you bad at?
Me: Holding the camera still after drinking beer.

Q: Do you want to work as a photographer?
Me: Hell no. It'd destroy the fun of it pretty quickly.

Q: Do you travel to take pics?
Me: Yep, sometimes I even leave the city centre!

Q: Why do you take pics?
Me: Creative compulsion. I'd stop if I was able to.

Q: Do you earn money with taking pics?
Me: No way. I sell photos here and there, but it doesn't even come close to covering the money expended on gear.
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