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Q: Do you risk your health to take good pics?

No. No photo is worth risking your health or even your life.

Q: What are you good at?

Architecture photography, Panoramas

Q: What are you bad at?

Photos of people

Q: Do you want to work as a photographer?

No, it's just a hobby

Q: Do you travel to take pics?

Given the fact that travelling is my favorite hobby by far and that there is barely a weekend where I don't fly or drive anywhere, 95% of my photos are from my travels. But, no I don't travel only for the photos. Photography during my travels is simply a hobby within another hobby.

Q: Why do you take pics?

- Photography is my favorite art form
- It captures a situation constantly (memories)
- Allows me to share my travel experiences with others

Q: Do you earn money with taking pics?

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