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what's with city workers in Montreal ?

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MONTREAL (CP) - Montreal city workers are being accused of sloppy work after they destroyed a playground while cutting down parts of a tree.

Municipal workers were asked to remove diseased branches of a tree in a park near a residential downtown neighbourhood. As workers cut down the branches, chunks of wood fell some 27 metres, crushing a swing set, playhouse and bending part of a metal fence. Branches and chopped wood were left behind on the playground.

No one was injured in the incident, but many residents expressed outrage and accused the workers of shoddy work.

The city worker's union has refused to comment on the matter, though a spokesperson for the city defended their actions.
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They're a bunch of unionized lazy bastards. That's whats wrong with them!
I always thought that the city workers were just lazy, but that article makes them sound reckless as well...

The unions are way too strong here. Especially in the public sector...

It got so bad that a year or two ago the city had to put trackers on the vehicles to make sure they were doing their work and not going for coffee and dougnuts every 20 minutes... This was back when it was estimated that it took 9 hours to fill one pothole. I guess we've traded lazy do-nothings for reckless do-nothings... Oh well, I'm not paying taxes to them at least...
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Not only is the union strong, but they are made so young guys can not get in.. bastards!!!
And I thought Sydney city workers were bad:eek:hno:

The worst they do here is laying a cable through a park and filling up the vast trench they have created with asphalt in the middle of a park. And then they come back another 5 times (I counted) to fix the cable they have just put in.

Another annoying trait is the street cleaners blow all the leaves onto the footpath and the footpath cleaners blow all the leaves back into the street.

Still, they're not so reckless.
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montreal has high taxes yet the streets and parks and other public places are a disaster compared to other canadian cities. public workers do have a bad reputation for being lazy here.
^^ Well then this article should make your eyes bleed.:no:
City worker should stay fired
But employee from hell gets his job back, thanks to a disgraceful ruling from a provincial arbitrator.

The Gazette
Published: Saturday, January 20, 2007
Rejoice, Montrealers. As of next month, you will have the privilege of paying Gerry Zombor's salary once again.

Zombor is a blue-collar parks worker and one-time union rep who was fined, suspended and, finally, fired by the city of Montreal for a head-spinning litany of offences. His employee-from-hell rap sheet includes violence, harassment, intimidation, verbal and physical abuse, and uttering threats. When the Montreal administration actually works up the courage to fire somebody, you know things are bad.

Zombor's too-many-to-enumerate offences between 2002 and 2004 include: swearing menacingly at his foreman, refusing to carry out his duties, throwing a billiard ball through a wall in a rage, leaving his post for hours without permission, refusing to attend meetings to explain his actions (his only explanation being "F--- you, f--- you, I won't go"), showing disrespect to his colleagues and bosses, threatening a fellow union member who was trying to take a union sticker off a fire truck, using city walkie-talkies for union activities in the middle of a work day, and interfering with city workers. In one instance, he stopped a trailer carrying crowd-control barriers because it was not a union trailer; it was not a union trailer because union employees had illegally refused an order to transport the barriers.

Zombor's crowning achievements were fashioning a hangman's noose and waving it mockingly and threateningly at a superior, and driving with a bunch of other toughs to a park to yell at his foreman, even though Zombor was serving one of his five suspensions at the time and was barred from entering borough property.

Finally fired on July 12, 2004, he has now been reinstated by provincial arbitrator Andre Sylvestre, even though Sylvestre heard a horde of witnesses explain in minute detail Zombor's record. More often than not, Zombor's lawyer could call on only his client as a contradicting witness. Sylvestre himself added "liar" to Zombor's offences - or, as only a civil servant could put it, Zombor had "not hesitated ... in saying things other than the truth."

After 100 eye-rolling pages characterizing Zombor as a violent, volcanic, unstable and dangerous employee, the very last paragraph of the ruling fizzles with this gem of a verdict: Sylvestre cancels the firing, calling it excessive, substituting instead an eight-month suspension. Most infuriating: Zombor is also to receive his full back salary, plus interest.

It's enough to make you weep. How can an arbitrator be so blind to simple common sense? What city employee will have any reason to fear dismissal now?

Kowtowing to such an employee is asking for trouble. With this astounding ruling, Sylvestre has done a disservice to every Montrealer.

© The Gazette (Montreal) 2007
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well , they could just break his leggs.

They could make a movie from this!! fuckkk
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