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What's your favourite highrise in Miami?

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Mine is Wachovia, followed by One Biscayne. Not a big fan of BoA.
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happened to me taking pictures of the dupont... just walked away and came back five minutes later and took the pictures before he could stop me... he ended up chasing me for a block or so... but my superior athletical talent won out
hey... all the revitalization that will happen, currently, downtown is still downtown... ive had friends that alot worse has happened to them downtown... so i consider myself lucky that it was only a security guard i had to run from... lol

my kids wont beleive that such things happened in downtown... miamis richest, poschest, and safest neighborhood... till then, ill keep my legs in running condition for my visits there, lol
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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