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What's your favourite highrise in Miami?

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Mine is Wachovia, followed by One Biscayne. Not a big fan of BoA.
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I liked the Jade Bldg

Security guard tried to tell me I couldn't take this photo ... lol

LOL! Well, we wandered on - knowing full well the photographer's rights ...

I had a woman at the beach try to tell me "you can't just take pictures like that" but unless there is a posted ordinance, (which I have checked online) or someone official to run you off, you can take the shot. (you too can be an annoying paparazzi) (sp?). But really my goal is to just capture the moment to be a sort of "chronicler" grabbing the moment, whether it be people, places, wildlife or buildings. So many people wander thru life and never really stop and look ... or look up

jzquince69 said:
Isn't that shot of Jade from across the street? Tell that guard to kiss off.

Completed: Four Seasons, ESP, Santa Maria, Continuum.
Weclome to the Four Seasons ...

Pablo63090 said:
Any major tower from the 70's and 80's and newer buildings such as The Four Seasons and ESP, but not the generic white-wash crap.
WHOA! Twilite Zone!

Yours has better contrast - it's got more "punch" ... nice ! I took mine right at twilite.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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