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What's your favourite highrise in Miami?

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Mine is Wachovia, followed by One Biscayne. Not a big fan of BoA.
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^ i think we already have this topic in the p and c section!

but if your talking about completed buildings, then boa, and wachovia, 4 seasons, the tallest of course, and def esp
good pics, lol they cant tell us not to take pics, unless its that federal building or w/e
lol nimby they actually chased you for a block hahaha
mind-boggling pics tom,

thats a great angle of 4 seasons, i took one almost the same angle on a good day.
thnx tom,

i took mine on a sunday afternoon, and a great blue sky day!
lol chuck thnx, but i dont know i might not go to brickell tommorow, but the updates comin!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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