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When does Festival Tower happen, and where is it going?

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What's happening with this baby, and where exactly is it located?

Hopefully it's not too much trouble to ask... thank you guys in advance,

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^^That prominent parking lot on John and King... Other than that, it hasn't gone into sales yet (I don't think so at least) and I think it's going through a redesign.
Okey dokes... thanks.

I'm sure it's going to be re-designed; I just hop it will look more like the original proposal.
This is sooooooooooo much more than just another condo. The Film Festival
deserves a permanent home, and this can only improve its future! We are
very lucky to have the Festival in our city. :cheers:
Its funny on it mentions its meant to be finished by this year yet it hasn't even gone in sales... lol.. I see this on the wait list for a few years til it actually begins getting built. (link on emporis,
TSupposed to start construction anytime now
Probably one of the slowest moving project in TO today. The posters and flags @ the King/John site have been saying "Coming Soon" for a couple of years now, which seems like an eternity. I remember them starting to advertise this as "Coming Soon" when I first realy got into skyscrapers back in 2002/03 and it has been a long 2/3 years waiting for this. The sales/marketing seems to have just froze, no direct indication that sales have started for sure. But I remember reading that they should start sales on it this later this year.

However, the tower and the FF Centre are two different projects so we may see the podium part start construction first.
I really hope it is re-designed. And tall, I want it to be tall.
Shouldn’t be too long until construction starts….isn’t the federal government paying some of the cost for this project?
I think it is a shared cost project between the province and feds, but that does not include the condo tower; these are really two seperate projects--coordinated but seperate.

The Toronto International Film Festival is widely considered to be one of the top film festivals in the world and is the premiere film festival in North America from which the Oscars race begins. By public attendance it is the world's largest film festival.

In 1998, Variety magazine acknowledged that "the Festival is second only to Cannes in terms of high-profile pics, stars and market activity." Quoted by the National Post in 1999, Roger Ebert claimed "...although Cannes is still larger, Toronto is more useful and more important...."

In 2007, a new facility at the corner of King and John (on land donated by Ivan Reitman and family) in Toronto will open providing extensive year-round galleries, cinemas, archives and activities for cinephiles.
Thanks for the info, Jaye. That really puts things in perspective.

With that in mind, the condo tower better be fantastic or it will be a black mark on the festival!
I think the TIFF Centre has received federal and provincial funding, but I think there is still some more private funding to come, as well as the usual planning and shit before any actual construction starts. Have no idea about the condo tower portion...I assumed they have been taking pre-sales for some time now. I think these cultural projects always take time to get off the ground....especially with all the competition that has been around in this city the last few years.

I live right across the street from it and i have yet to see any sign of activity or anything that would suggest construction to start this year for that matter. The only thing i know is that the parking attendants are as busy as ever filling that damned parking lot up- night after night, year after year...

On another note, but still related, is TIFF supposed to take up the entire block or just the south end of it?

OMG I KNOW THAT PARKINGLOT... That's where me and my family park everytime we see a play! Kinda conveiniant*... I still want it gone!
Sales office opens in the fall. Festival Cente already raised enough funds to start contruction.
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