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what is the first thing that comes into your mind (now be honest), the idea is not to spend ages thinking about it, just the first thing that springs to mind.

I'll start...

London - The tube

Birmingham - Spagetti junction

Liverpool - The Beatles

Manchester - United

Newcastle - crying football fans (from 96)

Edinbugh - the castle

Glasgow - the terrible tower blocks

Bristol - that great water front with all the pubs

Nottingham - the trams

Sheffield - the trams

I'd be interested what other peoples first thoughts are when they think of another city.

P.S. I'd be interested what people identify Leeds with, as it's the only city that I don't think I identify anything with.

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Birmingham...BT Tower



Leeds...yorkshire puddings

Newcastle...Ant and Dec :)



Bristol....St Paul's

Nottingham......Robin Hood


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london - ripoff
birmingham - slade
manchester - good music
liverpool - sunshine
glasgow - great music
edinburgh - tartan
newcastle - drink
leeds - festival
sheffield - er, drink again. i have my reasons.
bristol - leaves me blank. sorry, you southwestern folks.

interesting (to me, anyway) how much i identify places in musical terms.

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London- The Eye
Birmingham- The Bullring
Manchester- Commonwealth games
Liverpool- The Beatles
Glasgow- Music
Edinburgh- Castle
Newcastle- Brown Ale
Leeds- Marks and Spencers
Sheffield- Dinp
Bristol- Bristol channel
Nottingham- Robin Hood

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London - BIG

Birmingham - Blunther

Liverpool - Home

Manchester - Irony

Newcastle - the river

Edinbugh - the castle

Glasgow - Urbanity

Bristol - Llandogger Trow

Nottingham - one horse town mentality

Sheffield - Hillsborough

Brummie Angeleno
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London - Martin Amis

Birmingham - Ozzy Osbourne

Liverpool - The Beatles

Manchester - Lowry (Salford, I know!)

Leeds - The Cult (Southern Death Cult)

Newcastle - The Likely Lads

Edinbugh - Trainspotting / Irvine Welsh

Glasgow - The Blue Nile

Bristol - Cary Grant

Nottingham - Paul Smith

Sheffield - The Full Monty

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London - new tate gallery opening doo.

Birmingham - bonnita

Liverpool - after passing D. test turn wrong direction off motorway onto dual carriageway on advice of mates, had to drive over centre reservation confronted by two lanes of stationary traffic who were thankfully on red light.

Manchester - Being given a tour of a students house in Fallowfield and trying to appear amazed at his puney canabis plant hidden in his artificially lit wardrobe...

Newcastle - biker... Grove, haha... haha...haha...

Edinbugh - blank... (yet to be explored)

Glasgow - a mod type film that i acnnot remember, anybody???

Bristol - glasgow bint :) and lakota house club.

Nottingham - mates girlfriend

Sheffield - bottle digger i met stealing old bottles he dug out of a massive pit in my folks back garden (it was a large area)

I love those crazy dutch
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London - No gravy

Birmingham - The Sixties

Liverpool - Crime

Manchester - Litter

Newcastle - Muggings

Edinbugh - alcohol

Glasgow - Liverpool

Bristol - Bristol?

Nottingham - Robin Hood

Sheffield - Unemployment

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London - the Queen
Birmingham - Bullring
Liverpool - Ferries
Manchester - Oasis
Newcastle - Tyne Bridge
Edinburgh - festival
Glasgow - Architecture
Bristol - Brighton [always get them confused]
Nottingham - Robin Hood
Sheffield - ?

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London - the tower
Birmingham - concrete
Liverpool - mersey
manchester - dull gloomy miserable & rain
newcastle - bridges
edinburgh - snobbery
glasgow - rough
bristol - bridge(clifton?)
nottingham - robin hood
sheffield - hilly

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London - Big
Birmingham - Concrete
Liverpool - Moustache
Manchester - WOW!
Newcastle - Black and white stripes
Edinbugh - bagpipes
Glasgow - wierd dialect
Bristol - neon lights (dont ask)
Nottingham - crime
Sheffield - sheffield utd

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London - The Docklands
Birmingham - The Bullring
Liverpool - Ports and Docks
Manchester - The colour skum.. I mean red! sorry.. lol
Newcastle - Newcastle brown ale
Edinbugh - Castle
Glasgow - Coucil blocks with chavs outside them
Bristol - Blue and White
Nottingham - Car jakings
Sheffield - Those big 2 power plants you see as driving through it from Leeds
Leeds - I picture our city center.

Jus out of Interest Nobby, why do you not associate Leeds with anything?

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Leedsfella, the idea was what immediately sprang to mind, apart from H No1 not much did.

Looking above, not many other people have said anything about Leeds, not sure if that is due to there not being much that is associated witht he city, as the only things people have put so far are...

Leeds...yorkshire puddings (hardly Leeds)

leeds - festival (good answer - person from Bradford so probably knows Leeds a little more than the average person)

Leeds- Marks and Spencers (!!!!!!!!)

Leeds - The Cult (Southern Death Cult) (Morestoreys put something musical for all cities - virtually)

Seems that there is no 1 thing that people think of when they think about Leeds - many people think about sport / United with Manchester, or the Bealtes / muscis with Liverpool etc etc, however, there is no one thing that people identify with Leeds.

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London: Arrogance / Superiority

Birmingham: Concrete

Manchester: Madchester

Liverpool: Football

Leeds: Flat caps & warm bitter

Newcastle: Fat bellied, drunken barcodes

Glasgow: Working class 'ard bastards

Edinburgh: Castle

Bristol: Brunel's suspension bridge

Nottingham: Gun crime

Sheffield: Hillsborough 1989

Brummie Angeleno
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I started with a literary one for London (Martin Amis books should be compulsory!) and it went on from there.
The Manchester one could have been Tony Wilson / Factory instead of the Lowry (artist and not museum BTW).
But you're right about Leeds - it has no identity, yet. So I went for a goth answer.

Accura - does Manchester give you wet dreams or are you naturally submissive? Try growing up quickly and not to be so naiive.

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Wasn't train spotting set in Edinburgh?

Unless you mean standing on the end of a platform?
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