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When will Warsaw Get Supertall

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Some onehas to agree, the Domination of PKiN over the Warsaw skyline has to end!! I think that its domination has a limited period of time left!! Why is this gift from stalin still warsaws trademark huh? One would have thought that with the Communist hating kaczynski in the Warsaw presidency for so long something would have been built taller, but no. Post Projects that never went ahead in Warsaw that should have or post your views or news on where Warsaws first supertall will be or should be??

^^ some kl 300+ projects that never materialised

Anyway i think that the PortPraski area should change into a Warsaw docklands, currently no one knows what will happen.

^^ thats the area
1997 project that tallest tower was meant to have 300m

Now look at london the Docklands in 1980

in 1990


I mean why cant Warsaw pull of something like that, hehe post your views
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It isn't for most people in the city, perhaps was more so 20 years ago. Whether you like it or not it has become a symbol of the town, and personally I think it is by far the nicest tall building in the city, has far more class than many other glass skyscrapers around it (That said I like them too).

Also, why do you want a 300m tall building anyway, it would look weird next to the others? Especially when you go street level, the infrastructure on the roads is still average and there are way too many commie blocks in and around the city that need to be demolished. There are more important issues to address at the moment than building an overly obnoxious tall structure surrounded by cracking streets and 40M tall commie blocks. All that said though, the city has had great progress over the past 5 years, absolutely amazing!

Also PKiN is a Symbol of Oppresion for me. Showing us how big "Great Stalin" was and how little we all are in poland.
we need to be Compete with the Rest of Europe.. London and Paris are both getting supertalls so is Moscow i dont want us to fall behind. Also I wish someone would soon go above the invisible barrier of 231m its as if there is some type of forcefield at that hieght and its impossible to pass through.:LOL:
Warsaw isn't any competitor for Moscow, London, Paris or Madrid.
In 1-2 years all comparisons of Warsaw and Moscow skylines will be hilarious. Paris and Frankfurt already are far ahead of Warsaw. Madrid, London and Istanbul also have better skylines and better perspectives. Warsaw can only compete with Rotterdam for 7th place in Europe (continent without any significance in skyscraper construction).
Only barrier is economical. Towers significantly taller than 200 m aren't profitable in Warsaw at the moment.
^^yyyy.....ok Warsaw isn't a competitor for Moscow,London and Paris.Madrid Lodnon and Istambul have better skylines?-I don't think so.Could you explain why they have better perspectives?.How have you counted out it's not profitable?
It's simple. There's a lot more money in cities such as London and Paris, and over there it is profitable to build taller as the land is more expensive.

Personally I'm not a huge fan of Istanbul's skyline, but when it comes Moscow, London and Paris ... I think in the next five years we will see their skylines go insane and simply leave Warsaw behind. That said developments in Warsaw (Particularly Zlota44) should still keep it in the top 5-7.

Also, why so competitive? It doesn't matter if we don't have the tallest buildings or whatever, the face of the city has changed so much over the past 5-10 years that the citizens should be proud. Also, keep in mind that cities like Frankfurt have had quite a heard start.
Sorry why shouldnt we be a competitor?? I hate this that we put our selves down so much we have an Economic boom at the moment our has the Potencial to become one of the Richest in europe and Warsaw is one of fastest developing cities in the World. Land in Warsaw is already bloody expensive 1sqm in warsaw costs on average around 2000 euro and in many developements way over 4000 euro per sqm!! Warsaw deserves a new trademark something that will be on postcards like the empirestate is for New york of the Eiffel tower for Paris. On our postcards wehave PKiN. hehe
I'm not so sure. If in Wroclaw or Gdansk towers higher then 200m are profitable, why not in Warsaw? Of course I don't say about 300m or more, but 200-240m to the roof will be profitable in Warsaw. IMO in next 5 years we can expect more than one tower >200m to the roof.
Towers significantly taller than 200 m aren't profitable in Warsaw at the moment.
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