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Where could I find diagrams/sketches of the world's tallest to base 3D models on?

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I've been trying to find data on all supertalls currently standing and under construction, but without much luck. There are some nice 2D illustrations by various individuals, but they're unsuitable to get an idea of proper 3D dimensions. I also tried contacting CTBUH, Skyscrapermuseum and a few others, but either got a generic response or none at all; I knew that was a long shot.

For a box-like building one can estimate the feature location from good photos, but for something like e.g. Al Hamra Tower, it's a nightmare without at least rudimentary floor plans.

Does anyone have any suggestions where I might get lucky? Or a technique that could yield fairly accurate results with what's available?

Thank you.
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I don't know about super tall buildings, but you can definitely find some appealing designs at totalreal (.) com
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