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Where in Chicago are the NATO Summit-events?

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I'm trying to figure out where the different areas for the summit are held; but apart from the photo of the leaders at Soldier Field; I'm comingup with nothing.
Is anything at McCormick Place?
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Were they at the Sears tower ?
I don't think so. It was really quiet in the southwestern part of the loop. I think the protesters spent most of their time on Michigan, Cermak, and as close to McCormick as they could get.

Also, whenever they showed video from the many helicopters flying around it seemed like the majority of the "protesters" had cameras - and were just there to capture all the activity that wasn't really happening.

I don't think the protests lived up to the hype.
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Is anything at McCormick Place?
Basically everything was at McCormick Place.
By the way... that blog is hilarious.
LOL I didn't really look at it but the same says it all! :lol:
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