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Where Will You Stay When You Visit Lagos Nigeria? Shortlet Apartment Or Hotel?

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Someday, you're likely to visit Lagos Nigeria for business or pleasure. Where will you stay?

You actually have three options:

1. Stay with a relative or a friend (if you have any in Lagos)

2. Stay in a hotel or

3. Stay in a shortlet apartment

Option 1 is great if you have a friend or relative in Lagos. And this may actually save you money.

Option 2 is fine and that is what most people do . . . they find a hotel within their budget and book the number of days they wish to stay.

Option 3 is for people who prefer the home setting. With a shortlet apartment or vacation rental, you have a homely environment and you get to cook your own meals, the way you like them.

Shortlets may be 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom, or duplex apartments.

This option is particularly suitable for families visiting Lagos Nigeria. For example, a family of 6 can occupy a 2 bedroom shortlet and enjoy the pleasures of being at home.

Shortlets can also come at a good price for folks who visit with their faily and those who come as a team.

For example, some high end hotels cost about $350 to $500 USD per day. And if you need to get two rooms to accommodate your family, then you spend $700 per day.

On the other hand, a 3 bedroom shortlet may cost about 350 USD per day on the island. That is, half what you wil be to accommodate your family in a hotel.

Thinking of visiting Lagos Nigeria?

Plan ahead for where you will stay. You could save a lot on accommodation by planning ahead.
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Option 1 with my uncle....
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