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As cities become more and more dependent on tourism, many have taken on features resembling theme parks, although generally more for adults and with better food. They have themed areas (lands), rides, shows, observation towers, and shows. A good example but not the only one might be San Francisco...........

Themed Areas:
Fishermans Wharf
Golden Gate Park Land
Haight Asbury Hippy land
North Beach Land
Castro land
Giardelli Square.
Yerba Buena Land

Cable cars.
Sausalito and Bay Ferry boat rides
Segway tours
Historic trollies down Market and the Embarcadero.
Carousels in Yerba Buena
Driving down Crookedest Street (Lombard Street)
Earthquakes (seasonal)

Admission Booths:
Toll booths at entrances at Bay Bridge and Golden Gate Bridge.

FunHouses and Ride in the Dark:
Wax Museum
Academy of Science
Musee Mecanique.

Long standing Themed shows
Teatro Zanzini (circus)
Beach Blanket Babylon

Observation towers.
Coit tower
Top of the Mark
Revolving lounge on top of Hyatt

Bay to Breakers

Tacky themed souveniers:
Models of Cable cars.
Tacky T-shirts

Animal Attractions:
Seals at pier 39.
Aquarium at Pier 39.

Costumed Street Performers scattered all over town.....etc.

Any other cities remind anyone of theme parks?

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The foods too good in San Francisco to be a theme park. :cheers:
Actually the food in Downtown Disney Anaheim is actually pretty good. So is the food in Disneyland Paris. Several of the restaurants in Downtown Disney are run by Joachim Splichal, and there is a branch of Brennan's from New Orleans. So good food doesn't automatically disqualify a place as a theme park. In San Francisco's case I think the food is just another themed attraction Gourmetland with a funhouse at the Ferry building.

Actually I think New Orleans probably qualifies as a theme park city as well( Disney chose New Orleans as a theme in Disneyland and the magic kingdom after all); French Quarter Land, Garden district Land; Bayouland; parades; Trolley rides; paddlewheel boat rides; ambient music all over; spooky graveyards and voodoo shops and let's face it, the food in New Orleans is pretty damn good.

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Continuing my thesis. Chicago as theme park:

Themed areas.
The Loop.
Miracle Mile.
Museum Row.
Pilsen/little Mexico
Devon/little India
Lincoln Park Land.
Navy Pier.
Old Town.

The "El"/Loop the Loop.
Wendella Boat ride
Ferris wheel at Navy pier.
Lake Shore Drive.

Observation towers
Sears tower
John Hancock Building

Museum of Science and Industry.
Children's Museum.

Ride in the Dark rides:
Wacker underground

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One huge error with this notion of "themed" areas of San Francisco is that aside from Fishermans Wharf and obviously GG Park, all, and I mean ALL of the other areas are real neighborhoods where people live and work-going back to the 1800s and early 1900s. What's happened is that so many people are so deprived of anything that resembles that type of urban vibe in their cities, that to them it would appear to be something out of tv or something-something their cities could only conjur up in fantasy.

its really a shame.

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Yeh I live on California Street and the Cable Cars run past my house every two minutes or so. I've always said that this city was a glorified themepark, long before reading this here so I laughed when I saw SF was the themepark example. Have to agree with Vegas too!

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I used San Francisco as the example because it is so well done and just sort of happened over the years, unlike Vegas which was built deliberately to be a theme park. But actually most cities beloved by tourists can be compared to theme parks in a way. If we are not visiting to visit family or for business, we travel to other cities for fun, and we discover the parts of the various towns that amuse us.

New York CIty may be the most glorious theme part of them all and has been for a long time. More than 60 years ago, Rogers and Hart wrote "The great big city's a wondrous toy, just made for a girl and boy....We'll turn Manhattan into an isle of joy." That sound pretty theme partish to me.

New York as theme park.

Themed areas:
Broadway and Times Square Land.
Greenwich Village:
Central Park:
Lincoln Center Land.
Battery Park:
Upper West Side Land.
Lower East side Land.
Little Italy.

Circle Line around the Island
Staten Island Ferry.
Ferry to Statue of Liberty
New York City Taxis (one of the best thrill rides in the country)
The Sky ride to Roosevelt Isand.
Subway and elevated trains.
Horse carriages trrough Central Park.

Observation towers:
Empire State Building.
Top of Statue of Liberty.

Too many to mention.

Parades: Macy's Thanksgiving day parade.

Fun Houses.
Hayden Planetarium
Madam Tussaud's
Toy-R-Us/ times square. (Is FAO Scwartz still in business?)
ICe Rink at Rockefeller center.
American MUseum of Natural History.
United Nations.
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