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Which appears taller to you?

  • a city skyline with extremely tall buildings

    Votes: 6 13.6%
  • mountains

    Votes: 38 86.4%
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Which appears taller to you and gives you a greater sense of height:

city skylines or mountains?

Mountains are certainly much higher. But they are far less nuanced, far less detailed, and none seem to thrust upward from the surrounding land as a skyline does. At their peaks, there is a far less dramatic sense of differenation as the spires of skyscrapers. Your sense of distance, of nearing mountains is far less dramatic than entering a city's downtown core with its skyscrapers looming. Nature doesn't create straight lines that enhance a city's verticality.

So which appears higher.....mountains that have height going for them or skylines which have everything else going for them to convey height?

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Nothing conveys height to me like the view of Manhattan from across the Hudson River (although less so since the WTC collapse).
Manhattan wouldn't look as tall from New Jersey if the San Gabriel Mountains were rising in Queens. That would really put things in perspective. You'd be able to see the mountains from Pennsylvania on a clear day.
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