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Which comes first? City Hall MRT or Swissotel?

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Just like to find out which is the earliest building built over an existing MRT station?

Swissotel was built before / after City Hall MRT station was built?
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I know swissotel open for business in 1986 as Westin Stamford.

MRT in Singapore start operation in 7 November 1987.

I do not have infomation on which project started work first.
I think they are built at the same time...I remember Raffles City was called SOGO and Westin Stamford was the world's tallest hotel.

In that year also saw opening of Marina Square and OUB Centre.
My mom use to work in the canteen in SOGO which is now a food court.

Her salary then was $600 with meals included.

That was 14 yeas ago. Time really fly.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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