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Which countries will emerge as the "African Lion" Economies

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Now that African economies are growing faster then ever:banana: . Which countries in Africa do you think will emerge as the "African Lion":cheers: economies and industrialize first. I think that South Africa, Kenya, Senegal and if they could get things together Nigeria.
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8 years ago😂😨😨

My god how fast time flys. I'm somewhat depressed. Life's is going by so fast. Worst yet, I am nowhere the success that I thought I would be by now. I better get going as I don't want to miss out on my goals in life. I have been on SSC since about 2005 or so putting me in OG status.

Looking back on this thread. We were all correct on South Africa, Nigeria, Angola but we missed out on Ethiopia😱. I think I would be pleasemtly surprised by my home country. North Africa wouldn't surprise anyone as its relatively nicely developed.

How time fly's. We will probably be looking at this again years from now.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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